Thai Baiyok Restaurant in Heritage Club

My sister bought an Online Voucher from Ezivoucher which is RM28.90 for 3 dishes + 2 Rice + 2 Drinks but since we have 7 persons hence she bought two voucher and with that we can get 6 different dishes. Thai Baiyok located inside Heritage Club, very secretive location that most of the people will not know as it never came across my mind that there is a restaurant inside. Alright, enough talk of rubbish and let get back to food review.

Orange Juice
Orange Juice

Broccoli Stir Fried Thai Belacan, Thai Belacan doesn’t has very strong flavor compare with what I normally had locally, to those not hunting for strong flavor will be a idea food.
Broccoli Stir Fried Thai Belacan

Tomyam Fish & Squid, Tom Yam flavor is not that strong for me as it has mild sweetness, spiciness and sourness and the ingredient given is pretty less.
Tomyam Fish & Squid
Tomyam Fish & Squid

BBQ Chicken Kerabu, chicken meat, cucumber, onion and chili are use to mix together with sweet and sour sauce.
BBQ Chicken Kerabu

Prawns with Chu Chi Sauce, Chu Chi sauce is make from coconut milk with Thai Curry,
Prawns with Chu Chi Sauce

Kangkung Tempura with dipping sauce, it is a bit oily but the dipping sauce is delicious with a lot of peanut in it.
Kangkung Tempura with dipping sauce
Kangkung Tempura with dipping sauce

Whole fish Red Snapper Deep Fried with Asam Sauce, fish deep fried to crispiness and top with Asam Sauce making it taste good.
Whole fish Red Snapper Deep Fried with Asam Sauce

Stir Fried Kaila
Stir Fried Kailan

Glass Noodle Prawn, the prawn is big but it was way overcooked and kill the texture, the glass noodle is not tasty to our expectation, disappointed with this dish.
Glass Noodle Prawn
Glass Noodle Prawn

The price is pretty high and portion is quite small, taste is just normal.

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2 Star Rating

No.2, Scotland Road, 10450, Penang. (Inside Heritage Club)
11:30am to 10pm
604- 227 8308/ 6012- 478 5656
N5 25.167 E100 18.264

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