Thong Thai Café Near To Penang Hill


Thong Thai Café located near to one of the Penang most attractive location, Penang Hill. A Thai restaurant located at the junction of Jalan Pokok Ceri and Jalan Bukit Bendera serving authentic Thai cuisine.
Thong Thai Café

Occasionally live band on weekend, no live band during our visit hence can’t comment much.
Live Band Stage

Green Curry Chicken RM12, green curry is a very complicated flavor dish as it has many type of herbs in it but cooking with chunks of tender chicken meat is many people favorite.
Green Curry Chicken
Green Curry Chicken

Sambal Asparagus RM12, asparagus is known for its crunchiness and sweetness but cooking with sambal making it even more delicious.
Sambal Asparagus

Tom Yam Prawn RM22, tom yam soup here slightly different from others as their flavor is more on sweet side rather than spicy and sour, personally I like the spicy and sour tom yam more than sweet tom yam but overall taste still not bad, what I like the most is the big fresh white prawn use.
Tom Yam Prawn

Prawn given is rather big and fresh, tom yam soup must use salt water prawn instead of fresh water prawn as fresh water prawn will shrink when expose to acidity.
Tom Yam Prawn

Steamed Red Snapper with Thai Style RM38, it look like tom yam soup and it indeed taste slightly same as well but the huge amount of lemon grass make the different, served in the heated hot plate to ensure the soup hot during the whole dining session.
Steamed Red Snapper

Pork Knuckle Claypot RM22, the pork knuckle is not served in whole pieces and the meat is a little bit dry which make it taste not so good, the sauce is sautéed and herbal taste.
Pork Knuckle Claypot

Tab Tom Grob is one of the most famous dessert in Thai restaurant, water chestnuts and jackfruit mix together in coconut milk.
Tab Tim Grob
Tab Tim Grob

If you not sure who to come here then remember this portal, Tien Kong Than. It just right beside.
Tien Kong Than
Thong Thai Café

Overall green curry chicken is really delicious while the tom yam soup is not really my favorite but for those like sweet tom yam I believe it will be your favorite, anyhow I still like the fresh prawn very much, you can join our Facebook community Taste…iest to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Taste...iest.

3 Star Rating

Thong Thai Cafe
1, Jalan Bukit Bendera,
Selekoh Jalan Pokok Ceri
Thong's hp : 012-489-2247
N5 24.445 E100 16.713

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Tom Yam Prawn