White Tom Yam at Bukit Genting Thai Food Restaurant

Bukit Genting Restaurant is well located at the top of mountain where you can have a great view of Penang, highly recommended to go around 5pm to enjoy sunset and it is safer to drive while the sky is still bright. You may visit our first review here at Bukit Genting Thai Restaurant
Bukit Genting Thai Food

Lot of different plant here and below picture is what we so called “Love Fruit”, sorry to said that I do not know the scientific name.
Love Fruit

Kangkong New Style RM12, deep fried water spinach garnish with onion, it gave a crispy texture and delicious to take taken with Tom Yam soup.
Kangkong New Style
Fish Cake RM9.00, fish cake is a deep fried food that almost like croquette but the ingredient use is different, in fish cake flavor and fish paste is use to create a flat rounded shape and deep fried to golden color. It taste sauteed and mild fish flavor, best taken with the provided sweet and sour sauce.
Fish Cake

Kana in Oyster Sauce RM10, Oyster sauce is the best combination with Kana (aka Kailan), a quick stir fried to ensure crunchiness and retain it fresh vegetable flavor.
Kana in Oyster Sauce

Claypot Seafood RM20, this is a very complicated yet delicious dish that we never miss out on our visit to Thai Restaurant. Glass noodle is a great ingredients to absorb sauce and sweetness from seafood, in this dishes glass noodle fully shown it ability to absorb the delicious of soup. This dishes is very delicious and rich in flavor.
Claypot Seafood

White Tom Yam Seafood RM22.00, the major different between the red tom yam and white tom yam is the flavor, red tom yam tends to be more spicy and sour while the white tom yam is not the sour instead it has stronger lemon glass taste. In this white tom yam, it taste spicy and a little bit sour but the soup is clearly not that thick, this is our first time to try white tom yam, even though it taste good but we still prefer the red tom yam.
White Tom Yam Seafood
White Tom Yam Seafood
White Tom Yam Seafood

Plak Rad Prik Fish RM31.00, Plak Rad Prik is a Thai cooking method that deep fried fish cook with sweet sauce, fish is perfectly deep fried to crunchiness while maintain the juiciness then top with sweet sauce and various herbs.
Plak Rad Prik Fish

Deep Fried Chicken Wing, what I can describe on this dish is only one word “juiciness”, surprise by how well they control the cooking time to ensure the chicken wing is not overcook.
Deep Fried Chicken Wing

Overall Bukit Genting is a good place to hunt for Thai food, food is delicious and the scenery is awesome. You can join our Facebook community Taste…iest to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Taste...iest.

4 Star Rating

Bukit Genting Leisure Park & Restaurant
Jalan Teluk Kumbar, Balik Pulau, Penang
N5 18.550 E100 13.251

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