Claypot Glass Noodle Crab at Rasa Lain Restaurant Ipoh

Restoran Rasa Lain or directly translated as Different Taste is a very popular seafood restaurant in Ipoh, lot of traveler purposely drive into Bercham, Ipoh just to enjoy the mouth watering seafood. We visited on 2010 and write a review here , in our previous review we write out how good their food is and how much we love it. Since we are travelling to Cameron Highland again hence we stop by to enjoy the mouth watering seafood again and for sure as a food blogger we enjoy sharing with everyone.

Claypot Glass Noodle Crab RM66, a huge clay pot with 2 crabs cook with glass noodle to served a table of 5 persons. The soup is awesomely delicious with a hint of wine and seafood freshness while the crab meat is very firm and fresh, glass noodle fully absorbing the tasty soup while maintaining it springy texture. No wonder everyone recommended this dish as a must try dish, it really awesome and even the big clay pot just doesn’t enough to satisfy us, we are asking for more.
Claypot Glass Noodle Crab
Claypot Glass Noodle Crab
Claypot Glass Noodle Crab

Lemon Steamed Lala RM20, one side of clam shell is taken off and clam meat is nicely facing up garnish with ginger, spring onion and chili. Clam steamed with Lemon sauce and broth, acidity from lemon further leveling the taste of freshness while making it taste even better but slightly overcook shrinking the clam a little bit.
Lemon Steamed Lala

Fish Porridge RM20, another big clay pot served to our table where nothing can be seen from the top but when scooping up the ingredient inside that will for sure surprise you by how much fish meat it contain. Huge amount of fish meat without fish bone is place inside this clay pot to cook with porridge, the broth is so delicious while the fish meat is extremely fresh. The broth is slightly different from the Glass Noodle Crab, for this fish porridge the soup has natural seafood freshness while the Glass Noodle Crab broth taste more peppery.
Fish Porridge
Fish Porridge
Fish Porridge

Another Signature Dish is their Steamed Fish Ball RM1.10 each. The size of fish ball is bigger than ordinary fish ball while the texture is bouncy, it doesn’t have any fishy smell instead it has very fresh fish taste. Very simple cooking method, just steamed and top with soy sauce and spring onion, it simple yet delicious.
Steamed Fish Ball
Steamed Fish Ball

Stir Fried Vegetable RM10
Stir Fried Vegetable

Claypot Cheese Prawn RM44, for the price charge it is really well worth even not consider the taste but after tasting the cheese prawn for sure you will screw out loud “Yes” because the combination of cheese and mayonnaise is awesomely good. Slight burn on the clay pot giving burn aroma to the cheese fragrance prawn, the prawn is big in size and fresh. Suckling the cheese from the prawn shell can fully taste the sautéed and sour cheese taste then taken off the shell can taste the natural sweetness of prawn.
Claypot Cheese Prawn
Claypot Cheese Prawn
Claypot Cheese Prawn

Rasa Lain restaurant located at residential area where is not so easy to find without sat nav but you can always ask around as nearby resident know this restaurant very well. It is highly recommended to call in booking to avoid disappointment as it always pack with people especially on weekend.
Rasa Lain Seafood Restaurant

Good Good Good! It was so good and I miss it so much. You can join our Facebook community Taste…iest to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Taste…iest.

5 Star Rating

Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain 味不同海鲜坊
69, Psn Medan Bercham 2,
Pusat Bandar Baru Bercham,
31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Open: 5-10pm
Closed Weds
N4 38.359 E101 08.093

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