Disappointed Valentine Dinner at Sushi Zento Precinct 10

*This restaurant is listed in Top Japanese Restaurant in Penang

Sushi Zento is a newly open Japanese restaurant located at Precinct 10, we decided to celebrate our valentine in this new restaurant hoping to bring back sweet memory. We made our reservation few days ahead to avoid disappointment and indeed we make the right choice as the whole restaurant is fully booked.

Sushi Zento located strategically at Precinct 10 which has a tremendous view, the restaurant extended dining area to corridor with nicely design glass finishing and equip with air-conditioner. Avoid sitting outside during sunset as it direct sun shine is quite uncomfortable but after sunset it was a perfect place.
Sushi Zento

Sushi Zento offer Special Valentine Dinner Set Menu for valentine but error printing on the menu that we need to help them make some correction, phew! No price tag, wrong menu, wrong description and mistake that is unacceptable, it was very disappointed as they should have upfront prepare the menu and get it ready for valentine. Fine, since we are here we have no choice but to select the Special Valentine Menu which include of Appetizer, Salad, Main Course, Dessert and Drink.
Sushi Zento
Sushi Zento
Sushi Zento

Moonlight Kiss, vanilla ice-cream, blueberry Oreo and milk blended. The amount of Oreo is way too much making the drink condense and too sweet.
Vanilla Ice Cream Oreo Milk Blended

Bacon and Cheese Salad, salad with crispy bacon and heart shape cheese slice. We like the dressing which taste very good with raw vegetable and the crispy bacon and cheese slice making it very tasty.
Bacon and Cheese Salad

Nishinki Carupacio, thinly slice salmon and Hamachi Carupacio with wasabi dressing. Sashimi is very fresh and the presentation is awesome, I like the presentation very much, a simple yet eye catching presentation.
Nishinki Carupacio

Valentine Maki, heart shape sushi that suit the valentine theme which is another great presentation but the amount of filling in sushi is rather disappointed and the sushi taste just normal.
Valentine Maki

Karasutki Hotate Mentaiyaki, Grilled whole scallop with cod roe mayonnaise. It is pretty delicious as the mayonnaise and cod roe making a perfect combination.
Karasutki Hotate Mentaiyaki

Tori Teppanyaki, grilled chicken served on sizzling hot plate with grilled mushroom. The amount of way too small that not even a complete drum stick, sauce provided is too sweet and just overlap any other flavor.
Tori Teppanyaki

Tempura Ice Cream, deep fried ice cream with strawberry slices and chocolate syrup.
Tempura Ice Cream

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Honestly their service is not up to standard and lack of preparation for valentine that create a disappointed night for us, food quality is acceptable but huge improvement required on their service.
2 Star Rating

10-A-11&12, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Precinct 10, 10470, Penang.
604- 899 2725
N5 26.943 E100 18.359

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