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Rainbow Raw Fish Delicacies, Lou Sang or Yusheng is one of the very famous tossing meal for Malaysian during Chinese New Year, it consists of various vegetable and raw fish mixed with sweet sauce. While tossing people will say good word and the higher you toss the faster wish come true.
Lou Sang

Mango Chicken, Chicken drumstick deep fried to very crispy and top with slice mango and shallop, seasoning with sweet and sour sauce. Crispy chicken meat is extremely juicy while the sweet and sour sauce making it extremely delicious.
Mango Chicken
Mango Chicken

Stewed Mushroom with Fat Choy, Fat Choy mean prosperity and this dish is a must for Chinese during Chinese New Year as Chinese believe eating this during festive season can help to grow their wealth. Fat Choy is a terrestrial cyanobacterium and look like black hair and has no flavor, has soft texture after soaking into water and it can be use to cook soup as well.
Stewed Mushroom with Fat Choy
Stewed Mushroom with Fat Choy

Boiled Prawn with Rice Wine, big fresh prawn is used to boiled with rice wine. The rice wine doesn’t has strong wine flavor instead the mild taste making it taste better which as well help to bring out sweetness of prawn.
Boiled Prawn with Rice Wine
Boiled Prawn with Rice Wine

Steamed Red Snapper In Soya Sauce, one of the best recipe to cook fresh fish is to steamed it with soy sauce which allow you to taste the originality sweetness from fish meat, red snapper provided is right on size where the meat is soft and smooth while the soy sauce has soy flavor instead of just salty.
Steamed Red Snapper In Soya Sauce
Steamed Red Snapper In Soya Sauce

Fried Rice in Lotus Leaves, lotus leave use to wrap fried rice that has ingredients such as dried shrimps, dried mushroom, shallot, preserved sausage and spring onions which team steam to allow lotus leave fragrance absorb into fried rice. By the time we having this dish we are overloaded but it still tasty.
Fried Rice in Lotus Leaves
Fried Rice in Lotus Leaves
Fried Rice in Lotus Leaves

Honey Dew Sago, as usual this is our favorite dessert and Sea Palace did a good job in this dessert. Sago is well cook which is soft and not mushy while the additional present of vanilla ice cream making it slight creamy and milk flavor which indeed taste much more better than those without vanilla ice cream.
Honey Dew Sago

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Sea Palace Restaurant

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