Paradise Restaurant at Madras Lane

This is the first time I heard of this restaurant after recommendation from Jazz where he bought Online Voucher for this restaurant. The Chinese name for this restaurant is pretty fancy which is 市外桃园. The restaurant is easily recognize from it very attracting purple color painting, while the interior design is very green where ton of artificial tree and plant lying around with very forest like wallpaper as well.
Paradise Restaurant
Paradise Restaurant

The menu is decorated with purple color theme as well.
Paradise Restaurant

Various drink that we had during our visit, like it special design “cup” which is big and fill with lot of qq ball. Drink we had here is Mango Juice Ice Blended RM7.90, Original Milk Tea RM6.90, QQ Coco Green Tea RM6.90 and Pearl Green Milk Tea RM6.90.
Various Drink

Egg Bake with Spicy and Sweet Sauce RM12.90, egg is a little bit oily but the sweet and sour sauce with pork mince is pretty delicious. If the egg is cook with less oil then it would be a very perfect dish.
Egg Bake with Spicy and Sweet Sauce
Egg Bake with Spicy and Sweet Sauce

Fried Mutton with Taiwan BBQ Sauce RM18.90, surprise me by how tender the mutton is. The BBQ Sauce is not really BBQ sauce instead it is more to Taiwanese sauce that is so call 沙茶酱sha cha jiang which has sand like texture.
 Fried Mutton with Taiwan BBQ Sauce

Sauteed Vegetable RM12.90
Sauteed Vegetable

Crisp Fried Flatfish RM15.90, flatfish is perfectly cut to small slice and deep fried, even though it was slice and deep fried but the right cooking time seal the juiciness of fish meat, it a little bit plain as no sauce provided.
Crisp Fried Flatfish
Crisp Fried Flatfish

Overall the food is pretty good but the price is expensive.
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3 Star Rating

Paradise Restaurant
33, Madras Lane 10400 Penang
N5 25.030 E100 19.621

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