Salmon Toro Khomi Don at Sushi King

*This restaurant is listed in Top Japanese Restaurant in Penang and Gurney Plaza Dining Guide

Countless time visit to Sushi King, we are regular customer as she is loyal supporter for many years. Even though some complain their food quality drop but we know what to ordered and always get the best out from Sushi King but we have miss out one dish since day 1 and that is Salmon Toro Khomi Do aka Salmon Belly Rice.

Salmon Toro Khomi, steamed rice served with deep fried salmon belly, sheredded cucumber, spicy sauce, seasoned Japanese radish and Miso soup
Salmon belly known to be very oily but the oily is from fish which mean it is healthy and full with omega 3, deep fried salmon belly perfectly seal the fish oil while create crispy skin.
Salmon Belly Rice

Salmon Belly is perfectly cut to biting size and the amount if very generous as well, together with the sweet and sautéed sauce making it taste so good.
Salmon Belly Rice
Salmon Belly Rice

I believe lot of us miss out this dish as it was never market by Sushi King before but it was truly delicious, give it a try and share with us.
5 Star Rating