Paella Cookout at Agua Straits Quay

We are glad to be invited to attend Paella Cookout at Agua Restaurant located in Straits Quay, when we first heard of Paella rice we are shock as we know that not many restaurants in Penang serving this dish and our previous experience was not that good at Rendezvous last years but we are hoping Agua Restaurant can create some magic on Paella they served that make us change our mind. Let read on…

Agua Restaurant specialize in Mediterranean cuisine “which comes from the 21 countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea such as Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and various countries on the Mediterranean. The food consists primarily of fresh fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on poultry and seafood, rice, grains, beans and pastas. Grilling or broiling is the prevalent method of cooking, with olive oil the most prevalent fat or oil used in the preparation of salads, marinades, vegetables, poultry and seafood. Eggplant, artichokes, squash, tomatoes, legumes, onions, mushrooms, okra, cucumbers, and a variety of greens are served fresh, baked, roasted, sautéed, grilled and puréed. Yogurt and cheese are also major components of Mediterranean cooking.”

Focus today will be Paella, “which is a Valencian rice dish that originated in its modern form in the mid-19th century near lake Albufera, a lagoon in Valencia, on the east coast of Spain.[1] Many non-Spaniards view paella as Spain's national dish, but most Spaniards consider it to be a regional Valencian dish. Valencians, in turn, regard paella as one of their identifying symbols.?

Preparation for Paella Cookout, olive oil, rice, seafood, herbs, spices, vegetable…etc are ready upfront.

In Paella, the most important flavor is definitely coming from Saffron which is the most expensive spice available and small box like picture below cost RM900.

Start cooking the Paella with flat rounded pan which called as paellera.

Lot of broth use to cook and let it absorb for sometime before serving to customer.

Prawn and mussel added at the last stage to ensure it not overcook.

Full house during our visit and everyone is waiting for their Paella to be served.

Paysanne Salad is served while waiting for Paella to be ready, thin slice of carrot, corn, tomato, avocado…etc mixed with olive oil.
Fresh vegetable/fruit combination with olive oil is something new to me as we always use mayonnaise as dressing instead of olive oil, it has better texture and much more healthy as well.

Garlic Bread

Salad with Garlic Bread

Finally our Paella is ready to be served, the color is awesome and the strong flavor is covering the whole restaurant.
We have here is Chicken Paella and Seafood Paella

We have both flavor of Paella serve in our plate with a cup of Sangria. Sangria is fruit-based wine which taste toward sweetness and easy to drink, you can easily drink a few cups without realizing it but the power will come in sudden and make you drunk.
Paella itself has very strong flavor and the rice is not mushy at all which come to a surprise, a small pinch of Saffron making the whole paella taste so different, I can’t find a word to describe how it smell like instead it very long lasting smell and it definitely a must in Paella.
seafood Paella get our vote as it has better flavor.

Hop over to Agua Restaurant if you looking for Mediterranean Cuisine, try their Paella and share with us your thought.
RM50 to enjoy the cookout and the awesome Paella,you can join our Facebook community Taste…iest and we will share with you on going promotion.

4 Star Rating

3AG18-19 Straits Quays, E&O Marina 10470 Tanjong Bungah, Penang
N5 27.481 E100 18.803

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