Tokyo Shokudo at Mid Valley

Wondering around the big shopping complex Mid Valley undecided where to go for our breakfast, just has a thought to go for Japanese Restaurant but don’t know which to choose since there is a few choices. Finally saw Tokyo Shukudo which located at ground floor and it decoration is pretty attractive, sit down and browse the menu. After looking for 5minute we still cannot decide what to eat as the menu doesn’t seem to be interesting at all but since we are already in hence we just place our ordered and finger cross it taste good.
Calamansi Drink RM3.00
 Calamansi Drink

Tamkotsu Ramen RM16, pork ramen with boiled egg, the ramen is not really springy and doesn’t has texture like ramen we eat before instead it more like yellow noodle that we use to have in Hokkien Mee, the soup is not really rich in flavor with that say the Ramen just taste normal.
 Tamkotsu Ramen

Buta Kimuchi Set RM22, kimchi serve in hot plate with salad, steamed egg and rice. The kimchi sour and spicy taste is tasty, best taking with rice.
 Buta Kimuchi

Tontama RM6, egg wrap with meat, the meat is rather tasteless and no sauce provided hence this dish not really taste good.

Tokyo Shukudo
 Tokyo Shukudo

Overall the taste of dishes we had is below expectation, we kind of regret to eat here but in life there is always first time and you learn from it.
2 Star Rating

Mid Valley Megamall, G-098 & G(E)010; Ground Floor
603 2284 1211
N3 07.045 E101 40.624

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9 thoughts on “Tokyo Shokudo at Mid Valley

  1. I jus came back from dinner at Tokyo Shokudo, Midvalley earlier & am COMPLETELY GROSSED OUT.
    Ordered their Set dinner – Teppanyaki Beef rice.

    Half way through the meal, found a small cockcroach in the gravy… EWWWwww..

    Not much was said except a sorry and they offered me a similar new set. But I declined. What an unhygienic kitchen they have…
    Will Never return.

  2. First and foremost, I think my overall rating of ‘1 star’ is already exaggerated, as my personal opinion of this restaurant certainly deserves no more than a quarter of a star. I ordered their “special salmon set”. Special??My entree came after about 10 minutes. The horror began. They had substituted my ‘lala’ soup with a plain tofu miso soup without informing me or explaining why. What’s more? I asked the waiter to check if they mada a mistake, and what I got 5 minutes later was a bowl of ‘lala’ soup, with ONLY 5 SHELLS. None of the ‘lala’ had any meat in it. I had to imagine chewing on rock-hard calcium carbonate trying to get imaginary meat out of it, while swallowing the extremely salty soup. Also, the salmon was completely covered in a thick white, mayonnaise-like gravy, which clearly wasn’t what I saw in the menu! The beef sukiyaki that my mum ordered had an even more salty soup and the beef was as brown as brown sugar when it came. Obviously overcooked. Beef isn’t meant to be eaten so cooked. So yeah. Awesome restaurant guys! Woohoo. Never coming back again.

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  4. This particular lot in Mid Valley have been “Japanese restaurant” for many years under different nameSSS…and every time it won’t last long, even after a new name and a new face. reason? no matter what name or what group of japanese restaurant it is taken over, it’s crew never changed, same waiters, same service… I experienced and noticed many times, so it is as bad as ever. Now whatever name it is, i won;t visit this “lot” of Japanese restaurant in MV anymore. Lesson learnt :)

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