Gigantic Tiger Prawn at Hua Hing Seafood Restaurant Sedco Square

Going to Kota Kinabalu should never miss Sedco Square where a few seafood restaurant is available for selection. Most of the restaurant price is almost the same and too many variety to pick, we choose Hua Hing Seafood Restaurant as it was crowded and the live seafood seem to be more active.

2 Big Crab RM160 cook in two different flavor, steamed with wine and pepper baked. Crab is extremely big but the meat inside is shrink and not that fresh.
Steamed with wine can truly taste the original flavor of crab.
wine steamed crab
 wine steamed crab

Pepper baked crab taste much better as the sweetness of crab is seal inside and this crab is fresh compare to the other one.
 pepper baked crab
 pepper baked crab

Big Prawn RM175 cook in garlic grilled and soy sauce, two different way of cooking it.
Prawn shown is actually tiger prawn that is extremely big, which is RM250 per kg.
Garlic Prawn has very strong garlic flavor, prawn meat is very firm and sweet.
 Garlic Prawn
 Garlic Prawn

Soy Sauce Prawn, the prawn is very fresh and yet cooking with simple soy sauce is so delicious.

Overall meal that cost us RM300+

Big Tiger Prawn we ordered, RM250 per kg. From the picture it kind of hard to share with you how big is it, you may imagine the length of body is almost double Iphone height, I believe you can get a better picture now.
Live Tiger Prawn
Live Tiger Prawn

Best deal in the shop is definitely the crab RM16.80 per kg, so cheap that you will never get in Penang but the size of crab is pretty small as well.

Mantis Prawn RM100 per kg

Scallop RM40 per kg

3 Star Rating

Mr.SIM WAN SENG 017-8163868 / 019-8213868
MONDAY – SUNDAY 6.00 P.M - 2.00 A.M
N5 58.641 E116 04.443

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