Most Expensive Fish SuMei at Port View Restaurant

Wrapping up our trip in KK in one of the premium restaurant Port View Restaurant and today we going to try what we been waiting for, the famous Su Mei fish. One of the very rare fish that you can only get in Sabah as far as I know, you can see it swim in the tank with price tag of RM380 per kg, WAU! Yes, we are WAU! as well but since we came so far definitely we have to try it.

Steamed White Clam RM30, white clam steamed with glass noodle and garlic, the portion is pretty small but the combination of garlic and glass noodle make perfection.
Steamed White Clam
 Steamed White Clam

Fried “Tea Won Miao” with Belacan Sauce RM20, I just hate the sticky texture of this vegetable, it just doesn’t taste good.
Stir Fried Vegetable

Cheese Baked Oyster RM36 (RM9 each), since we do not have good oyster in Hua Hing hence we must try it here, the oyster here is bigger and the meat is much more fresh and bigger, baking with cheese is so delicious.
 Cheese Baked Oyster

Steamed Parrot Fish aka SuMei RM304, RM380 per kg. What we should we expect? how does it taste? What is it texture? Blah blah blah and lot of question just cross my mind, long awaiting SuMei is finally served on table. The SuMei meat is not something very extraordinary, it texture smooth and soft but not very significant, doesn’t it value for the dollar paid? NO! it just overprice and I can say that stone fish taste much better.
 Steamed SuMei Fish
 Steamed SuMei Fish
 Steamed SuMei Fish

Night view from restaurant

Most expensive meal on our trip, total cost almost RM500 for 4 persons.
3 Star Rating

Port View, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen, Kota Kinabalu, 88000, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
N5 58.779 E116 04.239

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