Steamed Lala Bee Hun at Zim Sum Restaurant

Almost every month we visit Restaurant Zim Sum and almost all the time we ordered the steamed fish head noodle but sadly all fish head sold out hence we decided to try lala (clam) this time.

The portion is pretty big and the soy sauce aroma is exactly the same as we had steamed fish head, the soy sauce together with bee hun still tasty like before but unfortunately the lala is not fresh, it has very bad fishy smell and the meat shrink so much and become very hard.

Regret to try Steamed Lala BeeHun, so our advise is stick to what you like the most and avoid something uncertain else you would end up like us.
2 Star Rating

Restaurant Zim Sum
GPS: N5 25.131 E100 19.388
Operation Hour : 6AM – 12PM

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