Where To Get Best Penang Durian

Durian season is back and we eat it almost every day, what about you? Have you start Durian hunting? Well, we going to share a couple of Durian stall to you.
Durian price is very acceptable now since it peak season, below are price for reference and it may vary from stall to stall.

Kunjit 黄姜 - RM24 – 26/kg
Oh Chik 黑刺- RM24 – 26/kg
Lin Fen Jiao 林凤娇– RM11 – 14/kg
Horlor 葫芦 – RM17 - 19/kg
Red prawn 红虾 – RM17 - 19/kg
Lipan 蜈蚣 – RM15 – 17/kg
Kapri 甲必利 – RM13 – 16/kg
Green Skin 青皮– RM9 – RM12/kg
Kunpoh Ang bak 坤宝红肉 RM9 – RM12/kg
Ang Jin 红仁 - RM9 – 12/kg
Little Red 小红 RM9 – 12/kg
Number 11 – RM13 – 16/kg
Number 14 – RM13 – 16/kg
Number 600 – RM13 – 16/kg
604 - RM9 – 12/kg
101 - RM9 – 12/kg
D2 - RM9 – 12/kg
Susu – RM13 – 16/kg

Get to know Seng Lim Durian Stok as it located nearby my house, the price is reasonable and the owner is extremely friendly, he like to chit chat with us whenever he got free time and teach us how to differentiate various type of Durian, he got lot of Penang famous durian, almost every name you can name it he can get it for you. Drink is provided and lot of car park on road side.
Seng Lim Durian Stok Balik Pulau (Penang)
Contact Ah Seng 012-4269692
N5 24.381 E100 16.882

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Balik Pulau Poh Seng Estate is quite famous in Penang as they has huge farm and they even sell durian tree, they have many years of experience planting durian and some of their durian tree up to 40 years old. The old couple is so friendly that we chit chat during lunch time for more than 2 hour, they share with us how they take care of their durian and how they maintain good quality with reasonable price. Drink is provided and car park can be found within residential area.
Balik Pulau Poh Seng Estate
Contact Ah Beng 017-5755591
N5 19.255 E100 16.840

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Oh Chik 黑刺, some say it same level as Mao Sang Wang 毛山王but after tasting it, I still prefer Mao Sang Wang which is has stronger flavor and more creamy.

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