Yummy Fish Roe Fried Rice at Max Gourmet Gurney Plaza

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Max Gourmet 美食之家right in front of GSC in Gurney Plaza always crowded during lunch and dinner time. Browse through the menu you can see lot of variety available for selection such as noodle, rice, porridge and dim sum
Max Gourmet 美食之家

We had Fish Roe Fried Rice, lot of fish roe covering the fried rice, well presented and fried rice fragrance is just awesome. It is very delicious as the fried rice has enough heat “wok hey” and the additional fish roe given a very special texture, taken together with the chili paste provided is even better.
 Fish Roe Fried Rice

Shang Mee with Roasted Pork, Shang Mee tend to have a crispy bite and the sauce play very important role, the sauce provided the overall flavor and without disappointment the sauce is very delicious.
 Shang Mee with Roasted Pork
 Shang Mee with Roasted Pork

Cheesy Curry Fish Ball, lot of cheese covering curry fish ball, the fish ball is not absorbing the curry if they will to cut it before cook that will for sure make this dish taste much better.
 Cheesy Curry Fish Ball
 Cheesy Curry Fish Ball

Overall it taste good, highly recommended the Fish Roe Fried Rice as it really taste good.
4 Star Rating

170-7-11 & 12, Gurney Plaza,Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.
10:30am - 10:30pm Open Daily
N5 26.231 E100 18.570

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