Day 1 Driving to Hatyai from Penang

Day 1 Trip Penang --> Hatyai --> Lee Garden --> Kim Yong Market --> Khlong Hae Floating Market --> Shamila Seafood Dinner

Hurray! First travel of the year and it is somewhere near that we can even drive there, driving to a place that has lot of food to eat and lot of shopping and that happening place is Hatyai.
It is recommended to stop by coffee shop at Changloon to purchase car insurance and fill in the white card, we choose to stop by Naluri Aman as it has very big parking space. Before I forgot, remember to fill your car tank before proceed to customs as petrol price is Thailand is around 35bath per little.
When you saw this on your left, turn into it and park at the big parking space then proceed to
Naluri Aman
Naluri Aman

Now proceed to Mini Tour for Car Insurance and White Card, Car Insurance cost RM14 for 9 days while white card each cost RM1 including filling in for you. You can save RM1 by getting the white card at custom and fill in by yourself.
 Mini Tour

After getting everything ready, drive further and you will saw this big station with signboard “Bon Voyage Immigration Complex Bukit Kayu Itam”
Turn to your left and park your card at the big parking space, no need to carry luggage.
Everyone need to go to immigration counter to chop their passport including driver, after chop your passport driver need to proceed to middle counter to submit your car document, once done then proceed to next counter for verification. They will hold the paper for you, you just need to drive your car here and they will pass back the form to you.
 Bon Voyage Immigration Complex Bukit Kayu Itam

Done! Let go Hatyai!

Now you can see lot of messy cable and motor driver without safety helmet just everywhere.
Driving further you can see this big statue on your left, you may stop by and take some photo.
Buddha Status

After driving for around 62km you will reach Hatyai Town.
Hatyai Town

We are too hungry as we stuck in immigration for almost an hour hence we just quickly find a parking space and start hunting for food. You may park your car at Odeon Shopping Mall, it cost 30baht per hour.
Coming out from parking space, we just walk across the road and saw this Ah Jiao Pork Rice 阿嬌猪脚饭
We do have high expectation as Hatyai Pork Leg rice is very famous, even though we simply find one shop and eat but it really good.
The pork is extremely juicy and flavorful while the pickle taste sour and sweet, overall it taste very good but this shop price is slightly higher, 100bath for a plate of rice and drink.
 Ah Jiao Pork Rice

After that we walk to Lee Garden Plaza
Lee Garden Plaza

As you can see most of the area is under renovation only limited shop operating, it has very strong paint smell as well since renovation is on going.
 Lee Garden Plaza

We saw this Gelate ice cream shop, she desperately want to try it as the colorful ice cream is so attractive.
Gelate Ice Cream

We then move to McDonald to eat the “must eat” buger, Samurai Burger! What make this burger so special is the meat inside, it is PORK meat! YEAH!
In Thailand you can get pork meat anywhere so do McDonald, as advice by fellow forum~er Samurai Burger is highly recommended.
We are so happy to try the Samurai Burger and it indeed very tasty, the meat is extremely soft and juicy, together it has sweet sauce that further enhance it flavor.
In Thailand McDonald, they do provide three different type of dipping sauce, one type of chili sauce, local tomato sauce and standard tomato sauce.
Samurai Burger

Outside of Lee Garden Plaza got some stall selling bag, shirt…etc.
Lee Garden Plaza
Lee Garden Plaza

Here come the important part, get a hotel and exchange currency. We choose to exchange at JR Tour which located right opposite of Lee Garden Plaza, the rate here is RM100 = 994baht. We also get our “cheaper” hotel rate here, we stay at Crown Plaza Hotel for just 980baht per night, pretty cheap right?
JR Tour

Saw this while walking around Lee Garden Plaza, I did not try as it cost 100bath for one prawn, even though it pretty big but it seem to be overcook, dry and dirty. We are glad that we never try as my friend told me it is indeed not fresh and tasteless.
Big Prawn

After getting our hotel book, we just walk around and without knowing that we are actually right in front of our hotel Golden Crown Plaza. Since we are here hence we just check in but it still early and the room is not ready.
We have no choice but continue patrolling the town.
Golden Crown Plaza

She bought this cute little bear, it is fully handmade. Cute?
Cute Bear

Can anybody tell me what is this fruit? How it taste?
unknown fruit

Wreath for praying use.

Why the corn got purple color, it doesn’t seem to be normal.

Salty Fish
 Salty Fish

Various type of drink selling at market area.
Drink Stall

This motorcycle is even better than ghost rider motor, it is fully customize to become carrier. The accelerate handler is located at the push cart instead of the motor body while the front type is taken off and totally depend on the cart type, awesome modification.
Modified Motorcycle

Fruit stall that sell lot of different variety of fruits.
Fruit Stal

Fresh fruit that come with leave? How come all the leave are same for all type of fruits? Look closer and you will found out that that is not actual apple leave instead it just use for decoration, well I think it is very good idea to show freshness of fruit. It look like just plug from tree.
Fresh Fruit

Deep fried chicken rice 40baht, rice that cook with herb to create rice and deep fried chicken that so crispy, every table has one bowl of chili and pickle free of charge.
Deep fried chicken is so crispy and flavorful while the pickle is our favorite, we almost finish quarter bowl of it, plain water are provided free as well.
Chicken Rice

Lot of stall around the market area.
Lak chi
pot of flower

This is true Thai Durian, gigantic size but no smell at all.
Thai Durian

After walking for few hours, we started to get tired and our room should be ready. Pick up our car by paying 90baht parking fee then we proceed to Golden Crown Plaza, the hotel car park is right behind the hotel.
Golden Crown Plaza, 980baht per night, free parking, no wifi, no breakfast.
Golden Crown Plaza

I am impressed with the room size, spaces and clean. King size bed is comfortably firm, pillow is firm and comfortable.
There are two free drinks available, one thing I dislike is outside the window got a lot of bird drops. This is rather disappointed as it was quite nasty, get rid of it by closing the window and curtain.
 Golden Crown Plaza

Television is still old type rather than LED TV, refrigerator is standard hotel size.
 Golden Crown Plaza

Toilet is very clean, equip with bath tub and shower area, hot water is working fine as well.
 Golden Crown Plaza
 Golden Crown Plaza
 Golden Crown Plaza

Before we heading out to Khlong Hae Floating Market, we decided to ask for Hotel Massage service. It cost 300baht per person for 45 minute, massage service in your hotel room.
Honestly I do not like the massage service as the pressure is too hard and cause some pain, on top of that they both keep chit chatting in Thai language, you just can’t relax.
After massage they keep asking for tips, honestly you do not have to give tips at all but it totally up to you, we just give 20baht since their service is very bad.

Please proceed to next write up for the long awaiting Khlong Hae Floating Market.

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