Day 2 Trip – Lucky Dim Sum –> Pasar –> Ice Dome –> Tesco Lotus –> Rung Reang Thai Food Dinner

Good Morning! We are heading out for our day 2 activity in Hatyai city. Instead of driving around we decided to try the famous public transport Tuk-Tuk, you can easily get Tuk-Tuk right in front of any hotel. If you hold a big camera and look like tourist they will always horn and asking you to ride with them. Normally it cost 20bath per person to town area but if you have a group of people you may negotiate for an amount instead of per person 20bath.

Can this roundabout beat the small roundabout in Penang? It look like this is even smaller.
smallest roundabout

Lucky Dim Sum is around 1km aways from Golden Crown Plaza Hotel, Tuk-Tuk charge is 20bath per person.
The crowd is packing up when we arrive at 9 in the morning, here is the important note, you need to engage the person that stand in front of the shop coordinating to get a number. You can speak to him in Chinese or English and tell him how many person, he will then give you a number, wait for your number to be call and they will guide you to your table.
 Lucky Dim Sum
 Lucky Dim Sum

They open for business in the morning 6am to 12pm and night 5pm to 10pm
lucky dim sum operation hour

Here are all the Dim Sum, every plate of Dim Sum cost 16bath no matter what inside.
Take note that all Dim Sum here is not yet cook, choose your dim sum and place it on top of the shelve with the number give to you just now.
They will cook it to you and serve it to your table, this is to ensure freshness and quality of food is maintain.
Dim Sum
Dim Sum

Utensil and various type of chili paste and soy sauce are ready at every table.

Instead a pot of tea we follow the local to go for a cup of coffee, actually we are trying to keep our self awake for the next few hour of excitement.
Did you realize their straw is much shorter? It actually just the height of cup and every time nose almost hit the drinks.

This look to be something familiar right? Yes it is Yao Cha Guai, but why Yao Cha Guai in Dim Sum restaurant? Well, you will know soon.
 Yao Cha Guai

Another hints, black sauce with chili. What we eat with this in Malaysia?
black sauce with chili

Finally our Dim Sum is served, dim sum here is small in portion, all make to very cute. Loo at the Loh Mai Kai that is so small, on the left bottom is white fungus steamed with pork meat.
dim sum

Char Siew Pao also very small in size, same goes to the siew mai which is so tiny. Even though the dim sum is small but most of it delicious and fresh.
dim sum

Here the secret reveal, the big clay pot is Bah Kut Teh. Yes, Bah Kut Teh. Thai people like to eat Bah Kut Teh with Dim Sum together in the morning, something special here. In Malaysia we do eat Dim Sum and Bah Kut Teh as breakfast but both of them never come together. It is kind of heavy to have both meat meal in the early morning but I believe local people must be seeing the great combination that goes along.
Bah Kut Teh

A big clay pot of Bah Kut Teh, almost every table also has a bowl and some table even has a few. Bah Kut Teh taste very close to Penang version where strong of herb flavor, pork inside is very big and the soup is so delicious.
Bah Kut Teh

Overall Dim Sum taste very good in Lucky Dim Sum, we like the Bah Kut Teh so much. Highly recommended to try it. There is still lot of people at 10am by the time we left.

After taking our Dim Sum we head down to Pasar, it is actually market that sell lot of thing. Hop on to Tuk-Tuk and tell them “Pasar” then they will know where to drop you.
Pasar is around 1km away from Golden Crown Plaza Hotel, it is a very big market that sell everything and this is the place where you can bargain for good price.
Remember, if you looking for Zebra brand stainless steel item, you can try to ask for few shop as they offer different price. We just have a quick walk and we manage to find at least 5 shops selling Zebra brand.
Hatyai Pasar

Dry fruits is what tourist like to purchase in Hatyai as well, they have lot of variety but the price is just normal. Not really cheap.
Dry Fruits
 Dry Fruits

Fruit Stall
Fruit Stall


Here is the shopping heaven, lot of bag, shoes, shirt, pants…etc selling dirt cheap here. You can get a pair of ladies shoes for just 100baht and a shirt for 150baht or even a handbag for just 200baht.
Hatyai Pasar
 Hatyai Pasar
 Hatyai Pasar
 Hatyai Pasar

Out of the market area on your right is the wet market.
Wet Market
Fruit Stall

They sell turtle for? I have no idea.

Big Car Park
Car Park

After few hour of shopping and eating, we decided it time to go back hotel and get ready for our next destination. Saw this cute little Jazz with Hello Kitty number plate. So lovely.

Let continue to next page for freezing cold Ice Dome.

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