Eam Huat Charcoal Steamboat

Eam Huat Charcoal Steamboat is located right opposite of Central Park Condo, never know this steamboat restaurant until my aunty share with me. Eam Huat Charcoal Steamboat is almost the same as Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat 紫薇園魚頭火炭爐 who offer fish head steamboat that use charcoal for cooking. The use of charcoal gave a very special flavor, it has burning taste and consistent heating of the pot making the steamboat taste much better compare to electric steamboat.
 Eam Huat Charcoal Steamboat

The steamboat itself has ingredients in it such as seaweed, deep fried bean curb, fish meat…etc.

We choose Deep Fried Fish Steamboat that come with one big plate of deep fried fish meat, fish meat is cover with thin layer of flour and the portion is big.
Deep Fried Fish Meat

Other ingredients based on your own choices, they offer quite a number of ingredients such as fish ball, meat ball, vegetable, mushroom, fish, seafood…etc.
We choose “must have” prawn and abalone slice, prawn is extremely fresh and big while the abalone slice is also very fresh.
Prawn and Abalone Slice

Yam, not everyone can accept but for those who know how to appreciate it will definitely like it.

Fish Ball and Meat Ball
 Fish Ball and Meat Ball

Pork Stomach, Fish Ball and Dumpling
Steamboat Ingredients

Deep Fried Bean Curb, it is so crispy, we like to just eat like this as it taste like snack.
 Deep Fried Bean Curb

Steamboat itself already has lot of ingredients in it, it already has flavor instead of just plain water. I like the steamboat as the present of seaweed making it has seaweed flavor but for those who don’t like seaweed flavor then remember to ask them not to put in as the seaweed flavor is quite strong. Other than that the originally present yam also making the soup very delicious together with deep fried fish meat it make it even tasty.
Charcoal Steamboat

The only thing negative is the shop is pretty hot and crowded, you can choose to sit outside but it is very dark while inside has very bad air flow, especially after eating the burning hot charcoal steamboat.
Eam Huat Charcoal Steamboat

Overall not bad but compare with Zi Wei Yuan, we still prefer Zi Wei Yuan but if you want something in Penang island then this can be your choice.
3 Star Rating

Jalan Penaga (Right Opposite of Central Park Condo)
N5 23.366 E100 18.471

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