Guide for Driving to Hatyai

Guide for Driving to Hatyai
Let me share a simple guide for those wish to drive to Hatyai from Malaysia.

Driver has to drive his own car else certification letter required from the car owner.
Original car registration card
must purchase Thailand insurance

Malaysia Drive to Thailand Guide
1. Drive to Changlun and refill your car to full tank, petrol price in Thailand almost double.
2. Stop at any Cafe/Shop in Changlun that provide purchase of Thai Insurance service.
3. Purchase Thai Insurance (RM14, 9 days) and have them fill in the white card (RM1) or you can save RM1 by filling yourself at immigration counter
4. Drive up to Malaysia Immigration counter, driver collect passenger passport and handover to officer for passport chop
5. Drive up to Thailand custom building and park your car the the left side big car park.
6. Every individual queue to get your passport chop
7. After chop your passport, driver has to queue in the middle counter to submit passport and car registration card for car permit
8. Get back your passport and car regisration card together with car permit and move to next counter for verification, sign the document and the officer will take the car permit. no worry.
9. Drive your car with passenger inside, drive to the middle lane where you get your car permit just now.
10. Officer will pass you the car permit, make sure you keep this car permit secure as you need to return.
11. Done, you are now safe to drive in Thailand

Return to Malaysia Guide
1. Drive your way to Thailand Custom, either pass the car permit to the officer while you driving through the immigration or park your car at the side and hand over the car permit.
2. Driver and passenger get down from car and have your passport chop, once done back to your car and drive toward Malaysia immigration.
3. Driver collect passenger passport and drive through the immigration counter for passport chop.
4. Done, you are back to Malaysia.

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Guide for Driving to Hatyai