Hatyai Travel 2012

We are back from Hatyai 2 day 1 night travel, Hatyai is a city in southern Thailand and also the nearest happening town from Malaysia. Hatyai is the largest city of Songkhla Province and it is Malaysian and Singaporean favorite tourist attraction. Initially we plan to travel to Hatyai by Van which cost RM60 from major tour agent around Prangin Mall area but considering just both of us and many places to visit in Hatyai finally we decided to drive, we drive there two years back hence we are quite familiar and with the super powerful satellite navigation we are confidently driving around without worrying lost in the city.

Safety in Hatyai is still our concern as it just get bomb recently but since it is kind of peaceful now hence we decided to ignore that bombing issue, other than that walking around in Hatyai consider to be safe but for sure self awareness is a must such as avoiding walking in dark street, be aware of surrounding and always smile to people, with that in mind you are safe in the town.

Currency Exchange, it is advisable to change like RM100 in Penang first then go to Hatyai city to exchange more, you don’t have to worry as Haiyai has lot of money changer around Lee Garden and the rate is better compare to Malaysia.

Accommodation, Hatyai is a very special tourist attraction where most of the hotel rate is cheaper if you walk in to Hatyai local tour agency. Let me give an example:
1850bath if you walk in hotel for booking
1450bath if you purchase from Penang tour agency
1150bath if you purchase online
980bath if you purchase from Hatyai local tour agency
So you can see the different is huge, it is always recommended to purchase through Hatyai local tour agency.
You can find many tour agency around Lee Garden, just walk in and ask for hotel rate. They will show you a list of hotel with rate and I compare few tour agency, most of them has the same price.
Pay them full payment and they will issue a receipt for you, keep the receipt and pass to hotel for check in.

Talking about our itinerary, since we are just there for 2 days 1 night so it is easy arrangement, furthermore Hatyai is just a small town.
Day 1
0630 Penang – Bukit Kayu Hitam Check Point (141km)
0900 Settle customs
1000 Bukit Kayu Hitam Check Point – Hatyai (61km)
1130 Lunch and walking around Lee Garden Plaza
1400 Check in Hotel
1500 Khlong Hae Floating Market
1800 Big C supermarket
2000 Shamila Seafood Restaurant
2200 Back to Hotel and Sleep

Day 2
0700 Lucky Dim Sum breakfast
0900 Pasar
1200 Hotel Checkout
1330 Hatyai Ice Dome and Municipal Park
1600 Tesco Lotus
1730 Hatyai - Bukit Kayu Hitam Check Point
1900 Settle customs
2030 Rung Reang Thai Restaurant at Jitra
2300 Arrive Penang

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Hatyai Travel 2012
Day 1 Driving to Hatyai from Penang
Day 1 Khlong Hae Floating Market
Day 2 Lucky Dim Sum and Pasar
Day 2 Hatyai Ice Dome and Municipal Park
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