Khun De Thai Thai Food Restaurant

Khun De Thai is another Thai Food Restaurant located at Batu Lanchang area which operated since year ago but we had never notice as the signboard is not so noticeable. We are lucky to be invited by the owner for food sampling, the restaurant owner is very friendly, he share with us how he started this business and how much love he put into this restaurant. Very authentic Thai food served in this restaurant as all chef are from Thai but for sure they did make some adjustment to cater for local taste buds.
 Khun De Thai

Miang Kam RM10, is a traditional snack from Thailand that known for its healthy ingredients. Piper sarmentosum leaves that has slight bitter taste use to wrap with ingredients such as roasted coconut, ginger, lemon, chili, shallots, peanut and dried shrimps then one spoon of sweet sauce. It is very refreshing and delicious, we like the roasted coconut very much as it has very strong flavor while the dried shrimp as well play critical role in producing the awesome taste.
 Miang Kam
 Miang Kam

Steamed Garlic Prawn RM28, brand new dishes that just created by the chef to the owner and the owner are so generous to share with us this dish where himself also first time taste it. Steamed Garlic Prawn has very strong garlic flavor and the sauce provided is taste sweetness and sautéed, prawn is very springy and fresh.
 Steamed Garlic Prawn

Tom Yam Prawn RM19, you can find two different type of Tom Yam in this restaurant, either red or white. We had red Tom Yam cooking with fresh prawn and mushroom, we like the Tom Yam soup very much as it has rich in flavor and the spiciness and sourness is right on level.
 Red Tom Yam Prawn

Prawn Cake RM6/2pcs, small size of whole prawn are use to make this prawn cake rather than mince type cutting creating a very different texture of prawn cake, even though it was deep fried but when you bite on it, it still very juicy.
 Prawn Cake

Stir Fried Vegetable with Egg, very special dish as the vegetable is instead a type of leave which is use to stir fried with Egg.
 Stir Fried Vegetable with Egg

Century Egg RM8 for small RM12, at first when the boss told us that he want us to try his century egg, we are surprise and having the same thought “what can be done to century egg”. We actually reject but boss insists we must try and he ask chef to prepare a small portion for us, when it serve on table, we are surprise to see how well the food is presented and curiosity prompting up on what is on top of century egg. Well, it is homemade sauce that has chili, onion and peanut together with sweet and sour sauce, it is surprisingly good taste taking together with century egg. Now we know why the boss is so proud of this dish.
 Century Egg

Prawn Sashimi with Spicy Lemon Sauce RM18, have you tested fresh prawn without cooking before? We did try Sashimi Prawn in Japanese restaurant but not this type of prawn, at here they use fresh white prawn as Sashimi and top with very spicy sauce side with garlic and bitter gourd. When you first bite the sashimi prawn it gave a very firm and crunchy texture then spiciness come next, it is very spicy. In ordered to get rid of the spiciness there is garlic and bitter gourd that come for rescue, it help to reduce spiciness in your mouth. It is indeed very special dish, freshness is very important for sashimi and they make it.
 Prawn Sashimi with Spicy Lemon Sauce

Kelabu Mango RM10, shredded mango, onion, peanut and dried shrimp dressing with sweet sauce is what make a plate of Kelabu Mango. Use of slight raw mango gave a very solid texture and sourness making it overall taste much better, Kelabu Mango is extremely refreshing and it is a must for every table.
 Kelabu Mango

Kelabu Papaya RM10, shredded raw papaya, tomato, chili and dried shrimp dressing with sweet sauce. It is different from Kelabu Mango as it doesn’t has that much sourness but it as well has the complex texture, it as well has prawn in it to create better taste.
 Kelabu Papaya

Steam Fish with Spicy Lemon Sauce, the spicy lemon sauce did really help to bring up your appetite as the sourness is so tasty, we all known that sourness will shrink fish meat but not that case here as the fish meat is still very firm and delicious, taking with the spicy lemon sauce making it taste even better.
 Steam Fish with Spicy Lemon Sauce

Otak-otak Chicken Wing RM6/2pcs, something new and you can’t find it on the menu but normally the waitress will ask you to ordered, very creative from the chef to incorporate otak-otak into chicken wing.
 Otak-otak Chicken Wing

Clay pot Crab Glass Noodle, we like the clay pot crab glass noodle as it is not too dry instead the right amount of moisture making the dish so delicious.
 Clay pot Crab Glass Noodle

Roasted Pork with Sesame, honestly this dishes is a little bit too chewy.
 Roasted Pork with Sesame

Curry Chicken with Basil Leave, chicken cook with curry and basil leave, if you like the basil leave flavor then you must order this dish as it has very strong basil leave flavor.
 Curry Chicken

Dessert, we had try two different type of dessert and both taste not bad. Just that the Tab Tim Krob jackfruit doesn’t has rich jackfruit fragrance else it would taste much better.

80C, Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim, 11600 Penang, Malaysia.
N5 23.533 E100 18.572

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