Nyonya Steamed Fish at Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant Gelugor

Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant is pretty famous at Gelugor area where it usually crowd with people during dinner time. They are known for their quality of food and all time great taste. Lot of people like to eat their crab as well but I found out their crab is pretty small.

Nyonya Style Steamed Fish RM33, nyonya gravy taste spicy and sour with mild sweetness, fish is extremely fresh together with the sour and spicy gravy making it taste so good. The gravy is best go along with white rice.
 Nyonya Style Steamed Fish

Thai Pork Knuckle RM19, pork knuckle deep friend to crunchy garnished with onion and sweet sour sauce. Even though it look to be overcook but it is actually perfectly cook, where the skin is crunchy while succulent inside.
 Thai Pork Knuckle

Stir Fried Sambal KangKung RM6, I like the sambal kangkung pretty much as the use of strong flavor sambal making it taste good just that the chili oil scare me a little bit.
 Stir Fried Sambal KangKung

Herbal Chicken RM19, half chicken cook with various herbal. Too bad that it has mild herbal taste and the chicken not fully absorb the herbal aroma in it but fortunately chicken meat is smooth.
 Herbal Chicken

Stir Fried Mix Vegetable RM10
 Stir Fried Mix Vegetable

Overall taste good, a great place for family dining and quick dinner.
4 Star Rating

Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant
15, Lintang Batu, 11600 Green Lane, Penang
04-658 9799, 016-441 3666, 0124773063
N5 23.219 E100 18.376

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