Batu Lanchang Eam Huat Charcoal Steamboat

Returning to Eam Huat Charcoal Steamboat just after few weeks time, are we addicted to it? Probably.
Without much introduction since we have detail review in our previous review, you may search in our blog for it.
As usual we go for deep fried fish meat steamboat but we are lost control this time, I have totally forgot we just 2 person and I ordered way too much that we have to cancel some ordered and even pack lot back home.
This is my bad habits for not able to control ordering, I just like to order and order without considering I am actually gaining weight so much. LOL!
 Eam Huat Charcoal Steamboat

This time we ordered homemade meat ball, we can’t believe that it is so good. The homemade meat ball is more expensive but the taste is way much better, it is very springy and flavorful.
homemade pork ball

Prawn and Abalone Slice
 Prawn and Abalone Slice

Deep Fried Fish Meat, I totally forgot that our steamboat did come with one plate of deep fried fish meat instead I ordered additional plate. Even though it is so delicious but two big plate of deep fried fish meat is way too much for two persons.
deep fried fish meat

Look at how much I order, the shop people must be thinking this guy is crazy, two person order 5 or more person portion.
Just remember, if you ordered bee hun or instant noodle they come in one big plate that is enough for 3 person.
Looking at our table, prawn, abalone slice, golden mushroom, homemade meat ball, button mushroom, deep fried fish meat, instant noodle, crab stick, tofu, fish ball and squid ball. OMG! That is so much.
Steamboat Dinner

Even though we order so much it just cost RM110 only.

Jalan Penaga (Right Opposite of Central Park Condo)
N5 23.366 E100 18.471

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