Burger King in Penang

I am puzzling whether to publish this review or not as Burger King has been in Penang for so long time but this is our first time to try it out. Anyhow, we decided to share no matter how as our objective is to share. The reason we come to Burger King is because we visited Strawberry Forever and Burger King is just right beside it.
My last time to dine in Burger King was few years back in KL, I remember it is not that cheap compare to McDonald but I remember it taste pretty good.
I am surprise by the price when I step into Penang Burger King, it is dirt cheap, probably they are fighting with their competitor for lower price.
We had BK Single and Whopper JR set meal for just RM5.95 each.
Burger King

Burger King still maintain good quality for their burger, just that the picture show is bigger size and more ingredient compare to actual burger but that is same for all fast food company, we are get use to it.
RM5.95 for a meal is pretty cheap as it come with french fries and soft drink.
BK Single
 Whopper JR
 Whopper JR

4 Star Rating

Burger King
N5 23.915 E100 19.810

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