Delicious Steamed Egg Seafood at Chin Bee Tea Restaurant

Chin Bee Tea Restaurant is located at Jalan Noordin that is one street away from 1st Avenue, the restaurant is more toward home cook style where the chef is a very experience chef and he do cook many good foods. According to the Chef some of the hotel chef come here to try his food and ask his guidance on how to cook. The old man is very friendly and always out from kitchen to get his customer opinion, great quality control.

Vietnam Style Steamed Fish (越南式蒸)RM65, Fish is very fresh and the Vietnamese sauce is very tasty which best to go along with white rice.
 Vietnam Style Steamed Fish

Hainan Kampung Chicken (胡须鸡)) RM20, normally Kampung Chicken has little chewy texture but here the chicken is perfectly cook until tender soft and the soy sauce is so delicious, it has strong soya flavor instead of just salty taste.
 Hainan Kampung Chicken

LoHan Choy(罗汉斋) RM15, it so different from other Lohan Choy mainly it doesn’t has the yam made container instead it just has many different type of vegetable cooking together, this dish is rather normal and taste just average.
 LoHan Choy

Pork Minced Tofu (侨光豆腐)RM12, this dish has slightly same taste as the Lohan Choy but the additional of pork minced making it taste slightly better.
 Pork Minced Tofu

Steamed Egg Seafood (月光照五洲))RM40, is the specialty in this restaurant that highly recommended by many, it has various seafood such as mussels, prawns, fish meat, squids, century eggs, dried scallop, scallop…etc in it. With all the seafood essence in a plate, this dish is extremely delicious with seafood sweetness.
 Steamed Egg Seafood

 Steamed Egg Seafood

Chrysanthemum Tea RM14 (7 pax), I am quite surprise by the simple Chrysanthemum Tea offer here, they do put a lot of Chrysanthemum in it making it so rich in flavor, no wonder they charge RM2 per pax.
 Chrysanthemum Tea

 Chrysanthemum Tea

No doubt this restaurant has so much positive feedback, the food quality is top notch.
4 Star Rating

Chin Bee Tea Restaurant
124, Lebuh Noordin, 10300 Penang
12pm – 3pm & 6pm – 9pm
Closed on every alternate Wednesday
N5 24.734 E100 19.799

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