Shaboo World Steamboat Buffet 1st Avenue

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Shaboo World located at lower ground 1st Avenue offering steamboat buffet, it doesn’t has very huge amount of ingredients but it has not less than 50 choices. Again, we purchase the online voucher for just RM15 per person which is a bargain for steamboat buffet.

We will first served with a cup of extremely sweet rose flavor drink, we even ask for a cup of plain water to mix with it but still sweet.
On top of that they serve us dessert as starter as well, luckily the dessert is not that sweet and it indeed quite delicious.
Red Bean Soup

Generous amount of red bean found in it, lot of red bean instead of just water. With that amount of red bean it taste extremely good and flavorful.
Red Bean Soup

Here come our starter, Stewed Chicken Feet. Oh My God! How come the stewed chicken feet can be so delicious, it must be stewed for pretty long time which made it full of flavor and a soft touch the skin apart from the bone. I alone eat 3 plate of this, I think I get back what I paid for already.
Chicken Feet

While enjoying my stewed chicken feet, steamboat ingredients is served as well. If you read Ken Blogger you can see that all ingredients is actually place in one table and you select what you want but when we visit they make it one set and give to us.
The portion is pretty generous but we don’t get to pick what we want, that is the down side but that probably make the ingredients much more fresh.
As picture below shown, various type of fish ball and vegetable given to us.
Fish Ball
Various Fish Ball
Steamboat Ingredients

Prawn given is pretty big and it is white prawn but only 3 pieces per person, well it good enough for the money we pay.

I know you have a question now, buffet? Why limited food given only? Well, you can actually ask for more food and this time you get to choose what you want. They have a sheet of paper and you just need to select what you want and they will serve it to you.
 Steamboat Ingredients

We have plain and tom yam, the tom yam soup is pretty flavorful, it has the necessary spicy and sourness while the plain soup is rather boring as it doesn’t has much sweetness in it.

Shaboo World Steamboat Buffet
Shaboo World Steamboat Buffet

Overall it taste good, I like the stewed chicken feet very much and the steamboat is not bad either. For the price of RM15 is well worth the value.
4 Star Rating

Lot LG-03, 1st Avenue Mall, 182, Jalan Magazine, 10350, Georgetown, Penang
013- 444 7777
013- 913 3333
N5 24.786 E100 19.875

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