Colorful Macaroons at Macaron Cafe

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Macaron Café is one of my shortlisted restaurant to visit and so lucky they having promotion for RM19.90 three course meal, that my chance to try the long awaiting restaurant. Macaron Café located at the newly open floor in Gurney Plaza (it not that new actually), well known for its colorful Macaroons and Sponge Cake.

The tomato soup is very rich and full of tomato flavor, at first taste it is very sour but after a few scoop I start to enjoy it. It is very sour but that help to bring up my appetite.
Tomato Soup
 Tomato Soup

Mushroom soup look to be very good as well but when we first taste, it is so salty. The level of saltiness is totally unacceptable which cover almost every other taste, we complain to the restaurant but they has no intention to replace a proper mushroom soup for us. So DISAPPOINTED.
Mushroom Soup

Spaghetti Boscaiola taste not bad, the spaghetti is well cook and the sauce is delicious with pieces of mushroom.
 Spaghetti Boscaiola

Croque Monsieur is a ham and cheese. A pieces of ham is sandwich with bread then top with cheese and oven heat it to perfection. It doesn’t look interesting when served but it really taste good and special, I never had something like this before, the cheese is flavorful and the overall combination is just perfect.
 Croque Monsieur
 Croque Monsieur

Next we had Macaroon of our choice, three different flavor selected but all three flavor almost the same flavor, it is extremely sweet as well. Know that Macaroons tends to be very sweet but we just can’t take it.

Colorful Sponge Cake, it look so unacceptable and we only eat one small portion of it. I just can’t imagine how much coloring has been use for this cake, by the way this cake is extremely sweet as well.
Colorful cake
colorful cake

Macaron Café located at 6th floor of Gurney Plaza
Macaron Cafe

macaron cafe

 Macaron Cafe

How should I rate this restaurant? The taste of soup, main dish and dessert is so different. We decided to split into two and here is our conclusion.

We just love the main dish provided especially Croque Monsieur which really awesome.
4 Star Rating

But the mushroom soup is too salty and totally not human eatable, the dessert is just purely sweet and doesn’t has much flavor, too much coloring as well.
1 Star Rating

170-06-01A, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney, Georgetown, 10250 Penang, Malaysia
04-229 4389
N5 26.288 E100 18.603

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