Hock Kee Seafood Restaurant

Hock Kee seafood restaurant located beside Kheng Tean Primary School or Friday Night Market, those who love to visit night market will definitely know this restaurant. Avoid going on Friday as parking space is limited. The restaurant operated in open space and it always crowded even before 8pm.

Red Snapper Curry with Prawn RM59, I highly recommended this dish as the curry is extremely flavorful, love the rich spicy and sour curry taste. Six big prawns in the big clay pot, prawn is extremely fresh and tender. I do not recommend whole fish as big fish head is way better in term of taste and texture.
 Red Snapper Curry with Prawn

Belacan Chicken RM10, love the crunchy deep fried chicken as it not simple deep fried chicken instead it has very good belacan flavor.
 Belacan Chicken

Stir Fried Kailan RM8
 Stir Fried Kailan

Ku Cai Roll 菇菜卷RM8, this is one of their signature dish and I have never tasted something like this anywhere else, the use of small prawn and ku cai mix together then deep fried to golden color, the small prawn give a springy texture while the outer skin is crispy, deep with mayonnaise is just so good.
 Ku Cai Roll

 Ku Cai Roll

Salted Fish Pork Mince Tofu 咸鱼肉粹豆腐RM6, pork mince, salted fish cook with Japanese tofu, it has mild spiciness and taste sautéed, like it very much.
 Salted Fish Pork Mince Tofu

Very soon after first visit we return for another try but this time without my big camera hence photo quality is not that good, sorry about that.

Belacan Kangkong
 Belacan Kangkong

Abalone Slice with Tofu, the tofu is very soft and smooth.
 Abalone Slice with Tofu

 Abalone Slice with Tofu

Tu Ka Cho aka Vinegar Pork, rather disappointed with this dish as my mum cook vinegar pork is way much better, probably my mum version taste too good that why I can’t really accept any Tu Ka Cho outside. Tu Ka Cho here doesn’t have the vinegar oomph, lack of sweet and sautéed taste.
 Tu Ka Cho aka Vinegar Pork

Shark Fin Fried Egg, artificial shark fin are use for sure as this dish just cost less than RM10, lot of egg in this dishes but it doesn’t has much flavor.
 Shark Fin Fried Egg

Hock Kee Seafood
 Hock Kee Seafood

 Hock Kee Seafood

 Hock Kee Seafood

Overall it taste good for our first visit but not on the second visit, anyhow I still like it curry very much.
4 Star Rating

Hock Kee Seafood
No 14 & 15, Tingkat Bawah, Block 5, Jalan Van Praagh, Pulau Pinang
Beside SJK(C)Kheng Tean / Friday Night Market
012 4597023
016 4746230
5.30pm – 10.00pm (Close on Mondays)
N5 23.840 E100 18.684

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