Bento Lunch Meal at Yi Cafe 1st Avenue

This is my second visit to Yi Café which situated at lower ground of 1st Avenue Shopping Complex, my previous visit is on rush and the food is just average. I bought the online voucher and wish to properly try their food again. Honestly it was quite surprise that they still can survive as most of the time I pass by this restaurant it empty or one table of customer only, hopefully it not too bad.
Yi Cafe

The environment is pretty neat and clean, long stretch of sofa, comfort seat.
Yi Cafe

The package I bought is RM30 for two person, Signature bento meal that has Motoyaki Scallop, Salmon, Deep Fried Chicken, Baby Octopus, Soup, Dessert and Drinks.
It seem to be huge package, lot of foods included in a bento.

A bowl of soup and cup of tea, the soup provided is Miso soup which taste not bad with green tea drink.
soup and green tea

Signature Bento Meal, the portion is acceptable and ingredients given are as promise in the online voucher package. RM15 for a bento is worth the value.
The Scallop is pretty small, we suspect half has been cutting out as it even thicker than 10cents. The Salmon fish cook with teriyaki sauce which taste not bad which the deep fried chicken is quite good.
Baby Octopus is ready made so no comment. Overall taste not bad but nothing spectacular.

Steamed Egg aka Chawanmushi is rather disappointed as it doesn’t has much flavor and not much ingredients in it as well.

Overall the food just normal but RM15 for a bento worth the value, I reluctant to pay normal price but promotion price can get my return to this restaurant.
3 Star Rating

Lot LG- 72, 1st Avenue, 182, Jalan Magazine, Georgetown, 10300, Penang.
04-250 1851/ 04 250 1852/ 04- 250 1853
N5 24.786 E100 19.875

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