Crispy Peking Duck at Tian Ding Xiang Chinese Cuisine Gurney Plaza

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Tian Ding Xiang 天鼎香 is located at Gurney Plaza 6th floor that offer Guang Dong Style Chinese Cuisine that emphasize on flavor, among the many Chinese cuisine Guang Dong style tend to be much more flavor but it as well is my favorite. The restaurant offer Chu Char style dining with great ambient, their signature dish is Peking Duck and Claypot Seafood which is very famous and we going to share with you how good it is in just a minute. Let start with the soup.

Black Bone Chicken Soup鲨鱼骨响螺乌鸡汤RM13.80, black bone chicken known to be having high nutrition where our grandparent like to use it for medicine and it is extremely healthy. Not only the rich nutrition black bone chicken instead they do add shark fin bone to enhance the rich flavor, the soup is very smooth and delicious.
Black Bone Chicken Soup

Bitter God Stewed Soup黄豆凉瓜炖排骨汤RM13.80, I believe you would expect this dish to have some bitter taste but you are wrong as long hour of stewed make the bitter taste gone away and left with the nutrition only, same like the black bone chicken soup it really tasty.
Bitter God Stewed Soup

Signature Peking Duck RM36 Half Bird, my long awaiting dish as I am duck meat lover. The duck is served in whole and waitress will cut out the skin right in front of you, when the knife cut on the skin you can even hear the crispy sound and the dripping of duck oil.
Signature Peiking Duck

Signature Peiking Duck

As usual Peking Duck are normally served in two dishes, the skin will be use to wrap with egg made skin, spring onions and cucumber then dip with sweet bean sauce.
Signature Peiking Duck

This is how you enjoy the delicious crispy Peking duck wrapping with vegetable.
Signature Peiking Duck

Signature Peiking Duck

After enjoying the crispy Peking Duck skin, the left over duck meat cook with black pepper, the duck meat is extremely soft and the black pepper flavoring is perfectly match.
Black Pepper Duck

Seafood Claypot RM48, fish maw, abalone slice, mushroom and sea cucumber stewed for long hour together with fresh vegetable, it has the right salty taste and fresh seafood flavor. I like the sea cucumber very much as it has very soft texture and extremely flavorful.
Seafood Claypot

Stir Fried Vegetable in Two Flavor RM12.80, Kailan are cut into small slices and deep fried, another portion are stir fried. I like the deep fried vegetable as it crispy and flavorful.
Stir Fried Vegetable in Two Flavor

Tai-Jing Lamb Ribs RM16.80, it is one of my favorite for the night. The lambs and sauce is really great companion, the lambs doesn’t has the chewy texture instead it is very soft, a soft bite and it off. I just wish to get a bowl of white rice to go along with this.
Tai-Jing Lamb Ribs

Salted Egg Baked Slice Lotus Root RM11.80, I will call this a snack rather than main dish as it taste salty and crispy, it also has mild sweet taste that really make me eat non stop.
Salted Egg Baked Slice Lotus Root

Salted Egg Baked Slice Lotus Root

Braised Pork Bell蜜汁东坡肉RM13.80, for those love to eat fat pork meat then this will be your choice, you can fully enjoy the melting of pork fat and meat in your mouth together with the sweet sauce. It do serve with flat bun, that is another way to enjoy this dish by sandwich the pork belly in between flat bun and enjoy the extra texture.
Braised Pork Belly
Braised Pork Belly

Hakka Style Chicken Fried Noodle围村客家鸡球炒面RM13.80, on top of various main dish they served us with additional Hakka Style Fried Noodle, the noodle texture is very close to Yee Mee but not that soft instead it has some chewy texture, it doesn’t mean bad instead I like the texture very much, it must have some superior broth to cook and fully absorb by the noodle as the noodle is quite rich in flavor.
Hakka Style Chicken Fried Noodle

Red Bean Dessert

Tian Ding Xiang 天鼎香 just into business for less than a year time and the owner coming from a food and beverage family, he has the interest on food and that his motivation to open this restaurant and share the great food with everyone.
Overall the dish is pretty delicious, we like it because it does has rich flavor but for those people that doesn’t like strong flavor might complain it too salty or sweet but for us that is the flavor we looking for.
Tian Ding Xiang Restaurant

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170-06-10, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney, Pulau Pinang
04-226 3062
N5 26.254 E100 18.582

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