Delicious Pork Ribs at BeerBQ Bistro Precinct 10

BeerBQ is a new restaurant located in Precinct 10 that offer good food and beer, it a good place to hang out with friends. At first I never thought they offer great but I was wrong, I am quite surprise by the food quality. We bought the online voucher hence the price is around 50%, it worth the value as we just pay half to enjoy a complete 3 course meal.

Beer B Q Houz Garden Salad, crunchy vegetable season with cheese powder create a simple and healthy salad.
Beer B Q Houz Garden Salad

Soupe Du Jour, soup of the day.
Soupe Du Jour

Soupe Du Jour

Chef Ultimate Grilled Chicken, one piece of chicken drum stick grill with homemade sweet sauce, the chicken is soft but a little bit dry nevertheless the sweet sauce together with chicken is still delicious.
Chef Ultimate Grilled Chicken

Pork Ribs Black Pepper Sauce, the portion is smaller compare to Chef Weng and the taste is not as good as well, without comparing to Chef Weng it still pretty delicious just that Chef Weng is too good. Unfortunately Chef Weng has been closed down so you left with only choice to dine in BerBQ.
Pork Ribs Black pepper sauce

The Pork Ribs is succulent and the sweet sauce has wine flavor in it, for those who enjoy wine definitely this going to be your favorite.
Pork Ribs Black pepper sauce

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3 Star Rating

Precinct 10, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Tanjung Tokong, Penang
604 890 5157
N5 26.961 E100 18.373

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