Jeff and Wind Western Food

Jeff and Wind is a western food restaurant located near to USM that new to me, it located at residential area hence it easily miss out. Get to know this restaurant through Ken Blog Review and since then I interested to try out their food until one day I saw online voucher selling for 3 course meal RM10 only, without thinking much I straight away bought two voucher.

The 3 course meal included of Ice Lemon Tea, Soup of the day and Main Dish. It cost just RM10 for 3 items, great deal.

Fish and Chip, it perfectly deep fried to golden color, it as well very crispy outside and juicy inside.
Fish and Chip

Cheese Baked Fish Fillet, the fish fillet is grilled with spices then baked with cheese. A layer of cheese covering the fish fillet making it perfectly presentable. It has mild spices flavor but the present of cheese making it delicious.
Cheese Baked Fish Fillet

Ice Cream
Ice Cream

Jeff and Wind is a place for western food, the price is acceptable and the food quality is good.
Ice Cream

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3 Star Rating

Jeff & Wind Western Delights
No. 727E, Jalan Sungai Dua, 10700 Penang.
Closed on Tuesday
010 - 464 6861
N5 21.080 E100 17.914

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