Disappointed Hai Nan Western Terengganu Road

Hai Nan Western is the new outlet for the famous Mount Erskine Western Food, it was crowded when we pass by and we tell our self that we must try it one day since so many people every day.

Mushroom Soup Set RM5 come with one bowl of mushroom soup and two pieces of garlic bread, the mushroom soup is taste like can mushroom soup that you and I can cook the worst is the garlic bread that is so chewy and totally lack of garlic butter, why not they toast it for a little bit longer and served when it still hot. We start to have a bad feeling after tasting the mushroom soup and garlic bread.
Mushroom Soup Set

Bolognese Chicken Meat RM10.50, the Bolognese gravy doesn’t has much tomato taste and the chicken meat is so less that we can even count how many piece it is, luckily the spaghetti is edible and not too hard but overall still very disappointed.
Bolognese Chicken Meat

German Sausage RM9, honestly the sausage it quite short as what normal german sausage we had previously but doesn’t matter as long as it taste good but we are wrong as the sausage doesn’t taste good at all, the worst come next is the mash potato, how wrong it can be right? Well, they really prove me right but giving us a flour made mash potato that totally flavorless and it so sticky. Yiak!
German Sausage

Come on, let pray hard that my Chicken Chop is edible. Chicken Chop RM10.50, at least it look nice when served and it indeed look quite interesting but that doesn’t last long after my bite taste, the deep fried chicken is succulent but the sauce is so disappointed again.
Chicken Chop

OMG, how come all our dish taste so bad, are we being cheated that this is their branch?
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1 Star Rating

Hai Nan Western
29-A, Jalan Terengganu, 10460, Georgetwon, Penang

Map is not provided since I don’t encourage you to try it.