Goku Raku Ramen at Gurney Paragon

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Goku Raku Ramen is newly open Japanese Food Restaurant at Gurney Paragon, Goku Raku Ramen specialty is their Horikiri Style ramen which discovered by Ramen connoisseur, Mr. Teruhisa Shimizu. The shop in Gurney Paragon hide far end from the entrance of Gurney Paragon equip with a big sign board and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Goku Raku Ramen

Goku Raku Ramen

Chopstick holder, pretty innovative.
Goku Raku Ramen

Goku Raku Ramen has a see through design kitchen that has now become a trend to show their kitchen cleanliness.
Goku Raku Ramen Open Kitchen

Green Tea and Yuzu Honey RM6.90, Yuzu honey is now my favorite drink, it has very strong fruit fragrance and it best drink in hot.
Green Tea and Yuzu Honey

Jantama Ramen Small RM14.90, Noodle in Goku Raku Sauce topped with shredded Char Siew, Soft-boiled egg, Leeks, Spring onions and chop onions. When it served it is really small, the plate really look very small but it actually pretty deep and the portion is actually more than enough for a lady. Jantama Ramen is dry version of Ramen where not much soup inside instead the half boiled egg is what use to mix with the ramen, the seasoning is pretty much over and cause it to be quite salty.
Jantama Ramen

Jantama Ramen

Ultimate Ramen Tonkotsu Soup RM21.90, Signature Ramen full with topping, including Char Siew, flavored egg, black fungus, spring onions, leeks, bamboo shoots, seaweed and fragrant garlic oil. The soup is pretty salty to me, although it good to take along with Ramen but since it too salty I just can’t enjoy drinking the soup, it kind of waste. Char Siew is not up to my expectation as well, it is pretty dry and not much flavor. The ramen is not bad, I like it a little bit hard and chewy texture.
Ultimate Ramen

Ultimate Ramen

Rare Cheese Cake RM8.90, Cheese Cake with Blueberry Sauce. We are impress by the dessert presentation, it is very nice decorated and it look very attractive. The Cheese Cake is pure cheese cake without any flavoring which taste good while the additional of blueberry sauce for those like extra flavor is a plus. By the way with HSBC credit card you get 50% off for dessert.
Rare Cheese Cake

Overall the food too salty which just doesn’t suit our taste bud, I have to admit that I am the type of person who can accept strong flavor but the saltiness here is overkill. The dessert is good and we just love it.

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3 Star Rating

Goku Raku Ramen
Lot 163-D-1-05, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang
04 2260961
N5 26.172 E100 18.707

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