Green Insland Western Food at The One Bayan Lepas

Green Island Western Food located at The One Bayan Lepas which is newly open western food restaurant, great that we have additional choice in Bayan Lepas area. The shop is pretty big with 2 shop lot and air-conditional with very simple yet nice decoration.
Green Island Western Food

White Coffee RM2.50
Carrot with Milk RM4.00
White Coffee and Carrot Milk

Cream of Mushroom Soup RM2.80, the mushroom soup is very simple which taste exactly like what you can get from the shopping market, it doesn’t has the home made taste nevertheless it still acceptable.
Cream of Mushroom Soup

Garlic Bread 3pcs RM2.50, a thin layer of garlic butter with garlic minced apply on top of the bread, the garlic butter has some saltiness and the garlic mince gave light flavor and texture, overall it taste good.
Garlic Bread

Grilled Chicken and Lamb Combo RM15.80, a combination of two protein lamb and chicken grilled to perfection, at first the sauce is a little bit too salty but after a few taste it taste acceptable, the chicken is succulent while the lamb is pretty impressive with the soft and not chewy texture. The portion is pretty big for the value of RM15.80 is really worth it.
Grilled Chicken and Lamb Combo

Grilled Chicken and Fish Combo RM12.80, using the same sauce for grilled chicken and fish, the fish meat is pretty thick cut and for the price of RM12.80 it really worth the value. Overall the combination of sauce and protein is very match and taste delicious too.
Grilled Chicken and Fish Combo

Green Island Western Food is a newly open restaurant located at The One, on our visit they only operate on dinner time but now they should have lunch and dinner session.
Green Island Western Food

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4 Star Rating

Green Island Western Food
2-1-08, Tingkat Mansuri 4, 19500 Bayan Lepas, Penang
Lunch and Dinner
N5 19.656 E100 17.013

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