Lye Lee Pork Noodle and Seafood Porridge

We are surprise to see Nibong Tebal pork noodle at Farlim and since we are pork noodle lover hence we must not miss it, immediately the next day we go to try it out. By the way, so far the best Pork Noodle we had is Ah Beh Pork Noodle . Lye Lee Pork Noodle just open in Farlim one month ago hence it still consider new, we went at lunch time and it was pretty pack with people.
Pork Noodle

We ordered the Pork Noodle RM7, RM7 is included intestine and pork mince, you can even add on prawn, bird egg, fish ball, abalone, fish and deep fried fish meat. Let talk about the soup first, the soup is pretty delicious and flavorful, it doesn’t has thirsty feeling hence we assume it doesn’t use lot of Ajinomoto. The ingredients for RM7 bowl of noodle included of pork meat, pork liver, pork stomach, pork ball and pork skin. The meat is perfectly cook, soft and tender. The most important is still the chili paste, remember this is the original chili paste that origin from Nibong Tebal that local people like to mix it garlic oil, for those who like the soup to have some spicy flavor it is good to mix the chili paste into it as well.
Pork Noodle

Chef busy preparing non-stop order from the floor.
Lye Lee Pork Noodle and Seafood Porridge

Lye Lee Pork Noodle located exactly opposite Shell Farlim
Lye Lee Pork Noodle and Seafood Porridge

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3 Star Rating

Jalan Angsana, Air Itam, Penang, Air Itam, 11500
Opposite Shell Farlim
N5 23.312 E100 17.041

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