Monkey Tree Restaurant in Tropical Spice Garden Teluk Pahang

Monkey Tree Restaurant is a located inside Tropical Spice Garden in Penang Teluk Pahang, the restaurant is high up middle of the tree and the extended dining area is surrounded by big old tree. The restaurant itself use wood as it main decoration even for the chair and table, the environment is top notch as right in front of you is the big ocean.
Tree Monkey Thai Food Restaurant

If it rain then you can choose to sit inside tatami kind of seat, it is very comfortable as well.
Tree Monkey Restaurant

Roselle Mojito RM22.80 ,Mojito (white rum, lime juice, soda & crushed mint leaves)
Roselle Mojito

Miang Kam RM14.80, Wild betel nut leaves served with fresh ginger, shallots, lime, chili, hashed coconut, peanut, dried shrimp & chef sauce
Miang Kam

Thai Tapas RM45, you got 12 choices of Tapas and for just RM45 you can select all 12 items, since we are first time here hence we select all 12 items, with that we can try all their dishes at one go.
Overall the Thai Tapas is not something very special instead most of the item is deep fried, what make it special is the chef has the heart to prepare 1 items each to form a very well presentable dish.
The taste is pretty normal nothing spectacular, unfortunately Darling Crab is spoiled.
Thai Tapas

Thai Tapas

Lemongrass Skewer, Wrapped with deep fried minced seafood
Money Bag, Golden fried bag stuffed with minced chicken
Massaman Samosa, Crispy Samosa with minced chicken
Thai Tapas

Prawn Cake, Deep fried prawn minced
Thai Fish Cake, Deep fried curried fish paste with kaffir leaves
Spring Roll, Crispy roll mixed vegetables and glass noodle
Thai Tapas

Sambal Chicken, Deep fried chicken with sambal paste
Pandan Chicken, Marinated chicken wrapped in pine screw leaves
Darling Crab, Half shelled crab stuffed with mixed seafood
Thai Tapas

Gold Basket, chicken mince cook in spicy sauce
Otak-Otak, Steamed curried seafood paste in banana leaves
Mussel Salsa, Half shelled mussel steamed with chili & lime
Thai Tapas

Tomyum Prawn Medium RM20.80 Thick lemongrass soup with mushroom, chili & lime juice. The Tomyam soup is pretty rich and inside a medium size has around 6 prawns, if you love the authentic Thai tomyam then you will not like this as it doesn’t has enough sour taste instead it pretty spicy.
Tomyum Prawn

Tomyum Prawn

Steamed Rice RM2.50 each, a very well shaped rice but pretty pricey.
White Rice

Overall the food is just normal but as expected we are here because of the environment.
Tree Monkey Thai Food Restaurant

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3 Star Rating

Tree Monkey
Lone Grag Villa, Lot 595 Mkm 2, Teluk Bahang, 11100 Penang
04 8813494
9am – 11pm (Sunday – Thursday)
9am – midnight (Friday & Saturday)
N5 27.816 E100 13.752

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