Simply Sedap Cafe Bukit Jambul Complex

It been quite long time since we savor Malay food and we are glad to dine in Simply Sedap that located right in front of McD of Bukit Jambul Complex. Simply Sedap adopted an open air concept and they do serve not only Malay food instead Western Food as well.

Nasi Putih, Kari Special, Bawal Goreng, Ulam and Sambal RM7. Deep fried Pomfret Fish served with curry and rice together with ulam and sambal, the deep fried Pomfret fish is crispy and perfectly match the curry and rice but if just taken the curry then it slightly too salty.
Nasi Ikan Bawal Goreng

Nasi Ayam Panggang Special RM6, one whole piece of chicken drumstick with thigh for just RM6 is really a bargain and the portion is definitely big enough for a guy, it served together with a bowl of soup.
Nasi Ayam Panggang Special

Ayam Percik, grilled chicken drumstick and then apply a layer of chili paste on top that make it flavorful, the chili paste taste a little bit spicy and sweet.
Ayam Percik

Mix Kueh Platter (Otak-Otak Gulung, Popia, Karipap and Samosa) RM5, a total of 8 pieces of deep fried items served in one big plate, personally I like the idea of Otak-Otak Gulung which is actually popiah stuff with Otak-Otak which is something special that I never try before.
Mix Kueh Platter

Mix Kueh Platter

Teh Limao and Teh Halia
Teh Limao and Teh Halia

Simply Sedap Bukit Jambul Complex offer a very reasonable price food.
Simply Seday Bukit Jambul Complex

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Simply Sedap located right in front of McDonald Bukit Jambul Complex
019-578 8989
N5 20.028 E100 17.452

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