Starview Chinese Restaurant Peking Duck

We are returning to Starview Chinese Restaurant located in New World Park again, our previous visit we enjoy the Suckling Pig but this time we going to try it Peking Duck.

Peking Duck. After our recent try of Tian Ding Xiang Chinese Cuisine Gurney Plaza Peking Duck we are addicted and we are so desperate to try out other restaurant Peking Duck, we here are at Starview and definitely we need to try it Peking Duck. Peking Duck served in Starview is perfectly presentable as the duck skin is precut before served on table, it served on top of prawn cracker which greatly help to absorb the oil from duck skin and the duck meat is served in popiah cup with sweet and sour sauce that taste very close to kelabu flavor. I like the duck meat so much as it is very appetite and can truly taste the duck meat original flavor.
Peking Duck

This is the duck meat popiah cup that we love so much, the duck meat maintain it original flavor while the additional kelabu on top making it taste very good.
Peking Duck

The sweet sauce and spring onion that goes well with Peking Duck.
Peking Duck Sweet Sauce

Starview like to use Mantou which is the same as what we dine Starview Suckling Pig few weeks back and they serve us Mantou again for peking duck which is not appropriate hence I still prefer to eat without it.
Peking Duck with Mantou

Cashew Nut Chicken Meat in Sweet Sauce, deep fried boneless chicken meat then stir fried with cashew nut and sweet sauce, the chicken still maintain it crispiness while the sticky sweet sauce making it taste good but it slightly too sweet but perfectly fine taking with white rice.
Cashew Nut Chicken Meat in Sweet Sauce

Spring Roll, deep fried spring roll with various ingredient as filling, what we love is the sauce that taste a little bit sour which is really a great combination.
Deep Fried Popiah

Deep Fried Spring Roll

Fish Meat Steamboat, we long heard of it good fish meat steamboat hence we can’t wait to try it out. The steamboat itself doesn’t has much ingredients in it instead just a few pieces of deep fried fish meat and tofu, I would rather call it a soup that goes well with white rice instead of the normal steamboat that we had with whole lot of ingredients.
Fish Meat Steamboat

Each steamboat served with 2 bowl of fish meat and vegetable, fish meat is extremely fresh and perfectly cut.
Fish Meat and vegetable

The steamboat soup is very delicious, flavorful and goes well with white rice.
Fish Meat Steamboat

As usual the food served by Starview is always good, we just love their food. Overall price for this meal is around RM200, I think it slightly pricey this time.
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4 Star Rating

102-B-1 – 102-B-4 New World Park , No.102 Burmah Road , 10050 Penang
04 2266544
04 2265213
04 2274507
N5 25.214 E100 19.634

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