Starview Chinese Restaurant Roasted Suckling Pig

Starview is a Chinese Food Restaurant located at New World Park that offer wide range of Chinese food, normally on weekend they have wedding dinner hence on wedding season remember to call for booking to avoid disappointment. Normally we go to Sea Palace for special event dinner but unfortunately our last visit they have increase their price and pretty pricey hence we choose Starview this time. Let get started with our great dinner with the long awaiting Sucking Piglet.

Suckling Piglet RM200, normally suckling pig is age between two to six weeks where it still fed on mother milks hence it has very strong milk flavor, as usual the best cooking method is roasted, the meat of suckling pig is tender soft and gelatinous due to the amount of collagen with the extremely crispy skin. The suckling pig served to our table is pretty big and the meat is pretty much compare to what we had last time, it taste a little bit salty and very much milky taste but what we like the most is the extremely crispy skin.
Suckling Piglet

This picture well shown the crispy skin with layer of fat and meat, we enjoy the oily and crispy texture bite on it.
Suckling Piglet

Some people enjoy taking it with mantou and spring onion together with the sweet sauce but personally I think the mantou is not suitable. I prefer to eat only the suckling pig.
Suckling Piglet

Shark Fin Soup RM90, a very popular Chinese cuisine that usually served in wedding dinner. The soup itself is very rich in flavor and sweet while the presence of fish maw and crab meat making it taste even better.
Shark Fin Soup

Shark Fin Soup

Shark Fin Soup

Starview Combination RM90, it is instead a starter but I did not share in the first dish as I am too excited about the suckling pig hence I put this combination at the last, it doesn’t mean it taste bad but it just that I love suckling pig too much. Well, let get back to the Starview Combination that has 3 dishes served in one big plate, it has butter prawn, homemade popiah and stir fried black pepper ostrich meat.
Starview Combination Starter

Butter Prawn, prawn is deep fried then stir fried with butter, it taste sweet and salty with strong butter flavor which taste extremely good.
Starview Combination Starter

Stir Fried Black Pepper Ostrich Meat, the ostrich meat is perfectly cook that doesn’t has chewy texture and the black pepper flavoring is just nice.
Starview Combination Starter

Popiah Chives, Salted Egg and Fish Paste, Chives, Salted Egg and Fish Paste is wrapped with bean curb skin then deep fried to perfection, the overall taste and texture is so good.
Starview Combination Starter

Actually we have three more dishes to go with but I totally forgot to take photo after enjoying the suckling pig, truly sorry about that and here just listed down for price reference.
Vegetable RM18
Red Snapper RM60
Sweetened Sago with Honey Dew RM25

Starview Chinese Restaurant has now become my favorite restaurant, their food quality is top notch and service is good.
Starview Chinese Restaurant

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4 Star Rating

102-B-1 – 102-B-4 New World Park , No.102 Burmah Road , 10050 Penang
04 2266544
04 2265213
04 2274507
N5 25.214 E100 19.634

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