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Day 2 we decided to go Chatuchak Market directly hence we took MRT Sukhumvit to MRT Kamphoeng cost $36 that stop exactly in front of Chatuchak Weekend Market. Just few step from MRT station we into the world largest weekend market Chatuchak Weekend Market that also call as Jatujak or JJ Market that covers area of 27 Acres that separated into 27 zones, contains more than 15,000 booths selling everything you can think of. Chatuchak Weekend Market open on weekend from early 9am (recommended 9am since 8am still a lot shop not open yet) until 6pm. Reminder to traveler be extra careful for pickpocket as they are very professional.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

The very first thing to do is to look for Information Counter to get the Chatuchak Map, the Map is detail enough to ensure you don’t get lost in the maze. The map also provide info such as where cloth, shoes…etc located and the most important is the exist, without the map you might not be able to identified the correct exit.

Chatuchak Information Counter

I found out Thai people like to eat fruit as you can see fruit stall around the whole Bangkok street, in Chatucak Market I can see a couple of pushing cart selling fruit and I am amaze by how much fruit they stack in such a small pushing cart. The most attractive is definitely the pineapple which stacking high and the yellow color is extremely eye catching follow by the mango that look delicious as well. The most important is reasonable price, for half pineapple it only cost $40. I really enjoy eating Thailand Pineapple as it taste sour, sweet and very juicy, myself alone eat half of it.

Fresh Fruit

There is one big clock tower in the middle of Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Chatuchak Clock Tower

Immediately first thing to do is to fill our stomach, we eat at one of the stall that has pork leg rice and deep fried chicken.

Deep Fried Chicken Rice $40, unfortunately the deep fried chicken is not hot and not crispy but at least it quite flavorful hence it still acceptable.

Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet Rice

Pork Leg Rice $40, the pork leg meat is extremely soft and the sauce provided is very delicious as well. Now we are fully charge and it time to do some shopping.

Pork Leg Rice

T-Shirt street, whole lot of different kind of T-Shirt that cost from $50 onward, if you good at bargain maybe can get even cheaper price.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Mobile hawker selling various kind of snack.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Another fruit stall.

Fresh Fruit

We bought the Red Jambu (Scientific name: Syzygium samarangense) that cost $40, it is very sweet and juicy.

Fresh Fruit

It going to took you whole day if you are shopaholic, it getting crowded after 10am.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

After hour of shopping we stop by this shop which sell duck noodle, the address is Section 4 Shop 244.

Duck Noodle

This is how you recognize the shop through maps. This shop address is useful if you going to share with your friend which shop is selling some good stuff or delicious food.

Duck Noodle

I would like to recommend this Duck Meat Noodle $40, the duck meat is extremely flavorful and the noodle is very springy, the soup is very thick and has a taste of herb flavor, the combination is perfect even without adding any seasoning provided at table, if you like spicy taste then you may add dried chili provided.

Duck Noodle

Light snack “Thai Sausage

Thai Sausage

Charcoal Grill Bread.

Charcoal Grill Bread

Chatuchak Weekend Market

We plan to buy this hand draw photo but sadly it too expensive, it cost $1200 and it will be hard for us to bring back as well hence we give up.

Cute Wedding Photo

More shopping…

Chatuchak Weekend Market

I saw this stall that sell Roasted Pork and some deep fried item immediately I am attracted, I choose one the deep fried item that look to be very good but I do not know what it is, I try to communicate with the hawker but sadly she can’t understand, I try my luck and pay $50 for a pack of deep fried item, after first bite I feel something wrong, it doesn’t taste like pork instead it more like chicken skin, Yes! I bought a pack of Deep Fried Chicken Skin, the Deep Fried Chicken Skin is extremely crispy and delicious, it not oily at all and it is so crispy that I can’t stop eating it.

Roast Pork

Deep Fried Pork $20 for a small pack, the pork meat is pretty hard and chewy. It will be great accompany for drinking bill but not on shopping time, it taste sauteed.

Deep Fried Pork Meat

We finalized our trip to Chatuchak Market around 12pm, since it hot shiny day we decided to enjoy a bowl of Coconut Ice Cream before we leave, the coconut ice cream located exactly at the entrance from MRT Kamphoeng. Every cup of Coconut Ice Cream cost $30 and one small cup of coconut drink will be provided, the coconut ice cream has milk coconut flavor and it extremely refreshing under hot sun, I like the coconut drink which is very sweet and refreshing.

Coconut Icecream


Coconut Icecream

After enjoying coconut ice cream we wrap up our Chatuchak Market shopping and proceed back to Terminal 21 for lunch.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

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