Jeffer Steak in Terminal 21 Bangkok

*This review is part of our Bangkok 2012 Travel.

We always follow the philosophy "follow the crowd" where there is people queuing which mean the food must be good, we saw there is quite a lot of people at Jeffer and immediately we decided to eat there since we are pretty hungry now.

Jeffer Steak Seafood Salad Spaghetti offer wide range of food as the name said, Steak is the most popular I guess since almost all table has a plate of steak in it and what make me so excited is they served pork steak which can’t easily find in Penang, not only that we as well attracted with the price as it just $189 for a 4 course meal that included of one main dish, drink, soup and dessert.

Jeffer Steak

Ice Blended Lemon $39 is extremely refreshing but it a little bit too sweet.

Ice Blended Lemon

Beef Stroganoff, Blended Watermelon, Pineapple flambé and Mushroom Cream Soup $189, Beef Stroganoff is a Russian dish that served in sour cream and beef minced together with Spaghetti, we are surprise by the Spaghetti taste as we never expected it to taste so sour it as well has a hint of spices. The bold flavor is perfectly suit our taste bud and beef minced is very soft and flavorful as well.

Beef Stroganoff

Mushroom Cream Soup is very delicious and it doesn’t taste like those open from can instead it creamy flavor is very good.

Creamy Mushroom Soup

Pepper pork $89+$2 Crispy Mashed Potato, Pepper Pork Steak is pretty big in size and thick cut, the most important is the pork steak so flavorful as I never expect it can be so tasty, it must be marinated for quite some time as the meat inside also very tasty and succulent. On the right side of the plate is the Crispy Mashed Potato which is actually deep fried mashed potato and nothing special, it not really tasty.

Pepper pork

 Pineapple flambé does not impress us as the combination of ice cream and pineapple doesn't goes well, the pineapple is way too sweet and the same for the ice cream.

Pineapple flambé

I would like recommend this restaurant to those visit Bangkok, the price is very reasonable and the food is extremely good, too bad that my stomach reserved for other stuff else I sure will come back to dine in here again.

After filling up our stomach it time for us to go back Tune Hotel for a short break.