Somboon Seafood Restaurant at Bangkok City

*This review is part of our Bangkok 2012 Travel.

Somboon Sefood Restaurant is very popular in Bangkok and they have a few branch within Bangkok City, we choose the one located just next to MRT Huai Kwang Station. It is the most convenient for us and safer, just remember that do not trust the Tuk-Tuk because they will bring you to other “Somboon” and that restaurant going to charge you very high and the food is lousy. Came out from MRT then took Exit 3 immediately you can see the restaurant located just on your right. We made reservation online through and within 2 working day they reply with confirmation.
Somboon Seafood Restaurant Bangkok City

Step into the restaurant I can see my name written in whiteboard with other Thai character name and Japanese name, surprisingly there is a lot Japanese dine in this restaurant. The restaurant consists of 4 storey and the environment is clean and comfortable. Most of the employee here can speak simple English hence communication with them is not a concern.
Somboon Seafood Restaurant Bangkok City

Tom Yam Gong $220, very authentic Thai flavor Tom Yam Gong which taste sour and spicy but not sweet taste, the taste of the soup consist of strong lemon grass flavor. Inside the hot steamboat pack with whole lot of mushroom and 10 white prawns, the prawn meat is still fresh and springy even after long time in the sour soup.
Tom Yam Gong

Stir Fried Four Kinds of Vegetable in Gravy $180, three type of vegetable and mushroom cook in sautéed gravy, the taste is just normal and nothing spectacular. To be honest we do not like this dish at all as the taste is not any close to other dish we have.
Stir Fried Four Kinds of Vegetable in Gravy

Roasted Fresh Water Prawn with Glass Noodle in Hot Pot $280, one very big prawn cook with glass noodle with pepper flavoring, glass noodle very springy and fully absorb the prawn and pepper flavor, one layer of pork lard at bottom of wok help to avoid burn and increase the flavor of glass noodle, the most important it help to keep the glass noodle moisture.
Roasted Fresh Water Prawn with Glass Noodle in Hot Pot

Stir Fried Fresh Water Prawn with Garlic and Chili $425, whole lot of deep fried garlic and chili cook with fresh water, taste sautéed and a little bit of sweet together with strong garlic fragrance. The fresh water prawn is not big in size but definitely fresh, the meat is very sweet and it has a very great bite texture. It as well the best dishes we had for the night.
Stir Fried Fresh Water Prawn with Garlic and Chili

Fried Chili Crab $320, One average size crab cook with curry powder and lot of egg in the gravy, it has very strong egg taste and sweet but not spicy, the gravy is pretty oily and the crab is not really sweet hence the overall for this dish is just normal.
Fried Chili Crab

Overall the environment and the price worth the value, the location of restaurant also very strategically located next to MRT Station that very convenient for traveler like us.
Somboon Seafood Dinner