Terminal 21 Shopping Complex

*This review is part of our Bangkok 2012 Travel.

After leaving our luggage in room we walk to Terminal 21 which is connecting to BTS station and 200meter away from Tune Hotel Asoke.
Terminal 21 Shopping Complex

Terminal 21 is one of the symbolic shopping mall located at Bangkok which as well attach to BTS Asok and MRT Sukhumvit hence it is extremely convenient. Terminal 21 gave a travel the world feeling as every floor has its own city such as Tokyo City, London Carnaby Street, Istanbul Zouk and San Francisco. On 4th and 5th floor is what we target where more than 50 restaurant is located there and among them is the famous Pepper Lunch, MK, Secret Recipe, Fuji, Tony Roma…etc. Pier 21 is a big food court that located at 5th floor, in term of price it definitely the cheapest among the many food court I visit during my travel to Bangkok. We spend our night dinner at here as well. 6th floor consist of one big cinema SF Cinema City that consist of eight cinema that equip with 3D screens. Tourist can get free WIFI at Terminal 21 by just register yourself at the information counter, the WIFI pass is valid for 1 years.
Terminal 21 Shopping Complex

We can feel the Christmas is coming.
Terminal 21 Shopping Complex

San Francisco
Terminal 21 Shopping Complex

Tokyo City
Terminal 21 Shopping Complex

Terminal 21 Shopping Complex

Awesome long escalator
Terminal 21 Shopping Complex

Terminal 21 6th and 7th floor is our target as it has quite a lot of restaurant in it and also the famous Pier21 food court, in most of the food court in Bangkok you need to purchase a card from counter, the card value depend on how much you want it to be top up, the balance in card is refund hence no worry. The food here is pretty cheap, a bowl of Deep Fried Pork Rice only cost $28 and a plate of noodle around $40.
Terminal 21 Pier 21

Terminal 21 Pier 21 Food Court

Terminal 21 Pier 21 Food Court

Deep Fried Pork Rice $28, deep fried pork is crispy and soft while Tom Yam Fried Rice $40 , is not really that tasty as it quite oily and lack of Tom Yam taste.
Deep Fried Pork Rice

Tom Yam Fried Rice

Beef Soup $45 is big disappointment as it lack of beef flavor and the amount given is very less.
Beef Noodle

Gyoza $30, instead of pan fried this Gyoza is actually deep fried, it not oily instead dipping with the sauce provided together is pretty delicious.

Mix Fruit Juice $39 is our favorite, a mix of mango, banana, apple, watermelon, honey dew, berry…etc without sugar is what we drink almost every night, it really refreshing and the mixture of various fruit create a surprisingly good flavor.
Ice Blended Fruit Juice

Color Noodle Dessert, a flour made noodle shape with different color served in coconut milk. If you like coconut milk then for sure you will enjoy this bowl of dessert as the color noodle has very good texture together with the fragrance coconut milk it really taste good.
Color Noodle Dessert

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