Tune Hotel Asoke Bangkok

*This review is part of our Bangkok 2012 Travel.

One again we check into Tune Hotel but this time is in Bangkok.
Tune Hotel Asoke Bangkok

Since we stay at Tune Hotel which located just 200meter from BTS and MRT hence it is very convenience, going out from sky train take Exit 1 down the stair look for the Tune Hotel signage.

BTS Station Stair Case

Tune Hotel Signage

Walk inside the small road where you can see Suda Restaurant at your right hand, walk straight and you can see Tune Hotel on your left. The street at night is a little bit dark but it is very safe as on the street got a few condo that on duty security, even Tune Hotel got security sitting outside.
Immediately we are welcome by Tune Hotel friendly staff, check in and go into our room, reminder to touch your room card at lift else it won't allow you to select your floor.

Tune Hotel room is small as expected but slightly bigger than Tune Hotel in KLCC, two single bed and TV that you need to pay to watch. We purchase 24+12 hour air con which deduct according to your usage which is very flexible and cost saving for budget traveler like us, since we are out at day time and only need air con for few hour at night hence 36hour average 6hour per day is enough for us, most of the night we did not turn on air con as the ceiling fan in cold enough for us. By the way, ceiling fan is free.

Two single bed, the bed is pretty big and definetely big enough to fit us but sadly the pillow is too soft like putting your head in the air, feel nothing.
Tune Hotel Asoke Bangkok

Toilet is clean and pretty big, there is enough space to walk around and the shower area is half of the toilet which mean it has enough space for you to bath freely.
Tune Hotel Asoke Bangkok

There is a TV hangging on the wall but sadly we can't turn it on, i believe you need to pay to watch. TV is the not the key to show in this picture, instead i want to show the walkway inside room. It is pretty narrow but at the corner it big enough to fit in our luggage and for us it enough since we just use the room for sleep.
Tune Hotel Asoke Bangkok

200 meter away is the big new shopping mall Terminal 21, BTS Station and MRT Station. The Hotel is strategically located.
Terminal 21 Bangkok

Everything is Tune Hotel is charge even keep luggage and hot water, we are surprise when they told us $10 is charge for a cup of hot water, it is not advisable to stay if you have infant that need hot water for milk.

We pay a total of $4247 for 6 night stay include 21+12hour of Air Conditioning, average $700 a night which is fairly cheap. You can get better price if you book early or during promotion.