Yeap Noodle at Lebuh Chulia

We are glad to be invited by Yeap Noodle that recently just move to Lebuh Chulia for food sampling, together with us Sophie, Jazz, Willy and Flashngo Iphotose. Every food review is like a gathering of friends, truly enjoyable moment. Photo taken at Yeap Noodle Shop together with owner after he demonstrating the noodle making process which I going to share with you more later.
Blogger with Yeap Noodle Owner

Before I go into the noodle making I would like to share with you the huge range of different flavor noodle available at Yeap Noodle Shop such as Spinach, Chili, Oat, Carrot, Soy Sauce…etc, the wide range of noodle is available to suit different flavor of soup base, the noodle itself doesn’t add any flavoring except the pure vegetable juice only hence don’t expect very strong flavor from the noodle instead it has very mild aroma.
Yeap Noodle

The noodle making process is the tough part as it involve a lot man power to make the noodle springy, various type of ingredients is prepare upfront and mix to create the noodle. As you can see from the picture below all noodle is handmade with a very traditional machine and what he preparing now is Seaweed Noodle.
Yeap Noodle Making Process

Once the noodle is ready it was then flatten.
Yeap Noodle Making Process

After flatten the next step is to make noodle shape.
Yeap Noodle Making Process

Yeap Noodle Making Process

Here is the final product, as you can see the seaweed is perfectly mix with the noodle and the amount of seaweed is quite a lot.
Yeap Noodle Seaweed Flavor

Yeap Noodle Seaweed Flavor

清汤蛤蜊叶面 RM5 (萝卜面)
Clam soup with Carrot Noodle is our favorite which has the best soup base that is the clam natural sweetness, not only the soup is very delicious but also the clam that is very big and lot of it as well. We highly recommend this for those who like clear soup base.
Clam soup with Carrot Noodle

东炎虾叶面 RM5 (薄荷面)
Tom Yam with Mint Leave Noodle, spicy and sour thick soup is what the tom yam soup about which has a lot of lemon grass flavor as well, the use of mint leave noodle is surprisingly good combination with tom yam soup as the mild mint leave help to boost up the overall tom yam flavor most important is the three big prawns that is very fresh.
Tom Yam with Mint Leave Noodle

酸甜酱鸡肉叶面 RM5 (萝卜面)
Sweet and Sour Sauce Chicken with Carrot Noodle, the taste is exactly like what we eat Sweet and Sour Pork where sweetness and sourness combine with a little bit spiciness from chili.
Sweet and Sour Sauce Chicken with Carrot Noodle

清汤紫菜叶面 RM5 (紫菜面,所有用紫菜面烹调的都是RM5)
Seaweed Soup with Seaweed Noodle, combination of crab meat, fish ball and lot of seaweed with seaweed noodle. The soup base has very strong seaweed flavor and it feel very refresh.
Seaweed Soup with Seaweed Noodle

清汤苋(xian)菜叶面 RM4.50 (苋菜面)
Spinach Soup with Spinach Noodle for those who like vegetable soup base as the spinach flavor is pretty strong with slice meat.
Spinach Soup with Spinach Noodle

麻辣猪肉叶面 RM5 (辣椒面,只有猪肉的有放肉丸)
Pork Meat Mala Sauce with Chili Noodle, the mala sauce is extremely spicy and few of us keep drinking water after taking this noodle, it taste very spicy and make our mouth numb but it truly enjoyable, even though it taste spicy but it make us continue to eat it.
Pork Meat Mala Sauce with Chili Noodle

麻油鸡肉叶面 RM5 (酱油面)
Sesame Oil Chicken with Blck Soy Sauce Noodle
Sesame Oil Chicken with Blck Soy Sauce Noodle

药材猪肚叶面 RM5 (麦片面,普通药材猪肉/鸡肉是RM4.50)
Herbal Pork Stomach Soup with Oat Noodle is my favorite where the herbal soup is strong in flavor and the pork stomach given is a lot and delicious, I can even finish the whole bowl of soup without feel thirsty after that and together with oat noodle which make this bowl of noodle very healthy.
Herbal Pork Stomach Soup with Oat Noodle

干捞猪肉叶面 RM4.50 (原味)
Dry Noodle Pork Meat, pork minced is very flavorful but the overall is pretty normal and nothing spectacular.
Dry Noodle

咖喱苏东叶面 RM5 (黄姜面)
Curry Squid with Turmeric Noodle, it has very strong curry powder flavor and the squid is perfectly cook that doesn’t has the chewy texture, cooking with onion and tomato making the flavor even better.
Curry Squid with Turmeric Noodle

黑胡椒鸡肉叶面 RM5 (黑胡椒面)
Black Pepper Chicken with Pepper Noodle
Black Pepper Chicken with Pepper Noodle

炸云吞 RM3 (十粒)
Deep Fried Wantan is very crispy and the filling is very flavorful as well.
Deep Fried Wantan

Overall Yeap Noodle is pretty delicious as the soup base is very flavorful and for those who like rich flavor then Yeap Noodle definitely suit your taste.
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