Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant Tanjung Tokong

I always has a mindset that Korean food is expensive and that why until now only I decided to eat in Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant. This Korean restaurant is among the top Korean restaurant in Penang and it been known to be providing good and quality food. We visited the one located at Tanjung Tokong which is a big bungalow spaces parking right in front the restaurant. It is advisable to make your booking as it always crowded with people especially at night time.

Inside of the restaurant is spaces and comfortable, it has an area with tatami style seat while another area with normal table and chair.

Assorted side dishes such spicy potato, steamed egg, stir fried bean sprout, kimchi, spicy tofu, fruit salad, chili cockles…etc served to our table and they are generously refill for us even for second or third request. I love it Kimchi so much that I have eaten almost 2 plate of it, it is very crunchy and not too spicy. Fruit Salad is something special to me and it can be served as a dessert after meal as well. Overall the side dishes is well above average and most of it really good, we really enjoy eating the side dishes and the amount of side dishes already make us feel something in our stomach.
korean cuisine side dishes

Before start BBQ they will heat up the garlic in a small bowl and let it sit in the middle of BBQ bowl.
korean bbq

Hanbang Dweji Wang Galbi RM38, pork ribs specially hand filleted, marinated in special Korean ginseng and herbs extract and sweet soy sauce. The pork ribs is extremely flavorful but not much of ginseng flavor, it is extremely nice to eat with the fresh vegetable or even steamed rice.
Hanbang Dweji Wang Galbi

Hanbang Dweji Wang Galbi

Hanbang Dweji Wang Galbi

Yang-nyum Dak-gal-bi RM28, lean skinless chicken fillets marinated in special soy sauce, the soy sauce taste sweet making the succulent chicken taste so good. I enjoy eating the chicken with fresh crunchy vegetable together with a piece of garlic and the soy bean sauce.
Yang-nyum Dak-gal-bi

Yang-nyum Dak-gal-bi

Jab-chae RM30, Korean grass noodle pan-fried with thin slices of marinated pork and assorted seasoned vegetable in a sesame oil sauce, glass noodle is springy which fully absorb the sauce, it has mild spiciness.

Nakjee Bokkum RM35, sliced small octopus with assorted of vegetable, stir-fried in spicy chili sauce. Very good cooking skill to ensure the octopus not chewy, together with the sweet and spicy sauce making it taste so good, this is particular good to eat with steam rice as the rich gravy perfectly match with steam rice.
Nakjee Bokkum

Kimchi Bok-um-bab RM18, kimchi fried rice with fried egg and seaweed. The fried rice is a little bit stick but it is very flavorful.
Kimchi Bok-um-bab

Kimchi-Jeon-gol RM55, a spicy combination of pork, kimchi, tofu and Korean noodle soak in a rich kimchi soup served in a iron pot. This is huge portion and definitely enough for 2 or 3 person as the instant noodle itself is bigger compare to normal instant noodle, the soup taste sour and spicy which is extremely appetite.




Free Pajeon pan cake is given to our table, I believe we meet the minimum spending hence the give this to us free. The pan cake is an authentic Korean dish which has spring onion in it, it doesn’t has much flavor but I would recommend you to eat it with Kimchi or the Kimchi soup, which can really help to increase it flavor.

Free watermelon is given as well.

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5 Star Rating

No. 104, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Penang
04891 3616
N5 27.165 E100 18.383

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