Eva Homemade Nougat

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Just last week when i shopping in Gurney Plaza i saw this small stall selling Nougat, they give us a small piece of sampling and instantly i am addicted to it, the small piece of Nougat has milk fragrance and very rich flavor in mouth especially pure milk flavor.

Nougat is a traditional dessert originally from Europe but it has since become popular and Taiwanese start to improve over it with various flavor but now it has make it step into Malaysia, Eva is now home made the Nougat and selling it in Penang Gurney Plaza.

The specialty of Eva Nougat is definitely the unique King of Fruit Durian flavor, which can greatly symbolically represent Penang. Since this is my first time to try their Nougat hence i decided to get a pack of Mix Nougat which cost RM25 for 230g, approximately 24 pcs of Nougat in it. Contain in the packaging is Cranberries, Almond, Green Tea, Black Sesame, Coffee and Plain Milk.

The one that stood out is definitely the Cranberries, Green Tea and Plain Milk. Cranberries is their most sell item which has mild sourness taste and slices of cranberries to aid it texture, bold use of crunch tea leave making the Green Tea Nougat has slight bitter taste but it perfectly fine for my taste bud while the Plain Milk Nougat is highly recommended by me, it simple but yet rich in flavor. Plain Milk Nougat has the very strong milk flavor and the right amount of sweetness making me eat non stop.

Overall I think they did make a good Nougat and i truly appreciate, look forward to try more flavor.

eva naugat

eva naugat

eva naugat

The Eva Homemade Nougat is located at lower ground floor of Gurney Plaza.

eva naugat

5 Star Rating

Eva's Homemade Nougat
12, Concordia Road, 10250 Penang