Kampar Noodle Jalan Air Itam

Recently there is a new noodle restaurant open in Jalan Air Itam, it call Kampar Noodle. The restaurant located just near to BHP Petral Station Air Itam, speciality of this restaurant is the Kampar Noodle with deep fried fritters. First you have to place your ordered at the counter by select your favorite deep fried fritters, vegetable and fish ball.
kampar noodle

Assorted type of noodle for selection, such as Hakka Mee, Low She Fun, Ho Fun, Bee Hun or Tang Hun that can be served in dry, soup or curry. Price range from RM1.70 to RM3.40.
We had Curry Hakkan Mee, the curry gravvy is quite thick which came with vegetable. Hakka Mee is quite special and delicious as it not too soft instead it has a little bit of springy texture.
kampar noodle

Dry Hakka Mee is rather disappointed as the meat gravy provided is too less and it doesn’t has much flavor, it make the whole noodle rather boring.
dry kampar noodle

Braised Chicken Feet is just average as the sauce doesn’t has enough flavor.
braised chicken feet

Soup based ingredients include various type of fish ball and vegetable, it taste normal as the fish ball is not really special and the soup is just normal as well.
soup ingredients

Deep Fried Fritters, I like the tofu skin as it very crispy and dip into curry gravy taste good.
deep fried fritters

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3 Star Rating

Jalan Air Itam (Beside BHP Jalan Air Itam)
N5 24.267 E100 17.402

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