Melaka Food Tour Day 1

Melaka Food Tour

One year ago we travel down to Melaka just for fun and after one year we return to Melaka to attend my friend wedding, instead of driving 6 hours just for wedding dinner we decided to go there early and hunt for some local food. It was a pain driving from Penang to Melaka as it took us around 8 hours, it was pretty smooth from Penang until KL but when we reach KL around 6pm the traffic is massive and we stuck there for few hour. Immediately after arrive in Melaka we check in to Harbour Inn Hotel which I book earlier, luckily I did request for late arrival else I going to sleep in the car. I will share more detail about Harbour Inn later.

You know how suffering to drive without eating for 8 hours? We are suffering and immediately after check in and get our room key we decided to go for dinner, my initial plan was to try LOI Beef Bah Kut Teh but seem like quite late and not sure whether it still open hence we just drive around town area and saw this Amigo Steak and Grill Restaurant, it pack with people even at 10pm and my instinct told me that for sure this restaurant serving good food.

Amigo Steak and Grill is a Japanese and Western cuisine restaurant, huge range of variety and we just don’t know how to start. We decided to start our dinner with a plate of fresh fruit follow by mushroom soup then main course.
Orange Juice RM6.80, it well worth the value as it big in cup and not much water mix in the juice.
Amigo Steak and Grill

Mixed Fruit Salad RM6, fresh cut fruit contain of grape, watermelon, mango, papaya and jambu.
Mixed Fruit Salad

Cream of Mushroom RM3.50, we like the mushroom soup very much as it has strong mushroom flavor and it is creamy, it just delicious.
Cream of Mushroom

Okonomi Yaki RM10, the Okonomiyaki is quite different from what we eat in Daimon Lowyat Plaza before. The Okonomiyaki is not that delicious as it doesn't has noodle at the bottom and the ingredients use is pretty simple, it lack of some flavor.
Okonomi Yaki

Okonomi Yaki

Gyu Ramen RM15, thin slice of beef served in big bowl of clear beef soup that has strong beef flavor instead of only sweet taste, ramen is springy and delicious.
Gyu Ramen

Gyu Ramen

Amigo Steak and Grill
21,23, Jalan Melaka Raya 8, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka
Tel : 06-283 2684, 06-283 2686 Fax: 06-283 2684
Amigo Steak and Grill

Yes, finally we got something in our stomach and the clock showing something around 11pm. We have a list of food to eat in Melaka and now the list put into use, next station "Kerang and Sotong Stalls" that located behind a street. Putting up my GPS and search for "Kerang and Sotong kankung stalls" and navigate.

The only stall we saw here is Capitol Kerang Rebus Lwei where it located inside a small street that is dark and honestly quite dirty. People are sitting on low chair and sharing table, the shop people will take order from you.
Capitol Kerang Rebus LWei

Capitol Kerang Rebus LWei

Capitol Kerang Rebus LWei

We ordered Siput Bawah(Snail) RM2, Lala(cockles) RM2, Kerang (Clam) RM2 and Sotong Bakar (Roast Dried Squid) RM10.

Cockles and Snail is slightly under cook for me as it still very bloody especially the Snail which is totally uncooked while the Clam is perfectly cook, Cockles is still quite delicious and same goes to Clam but not the Snail. Every dish served with a small plate of home made sauce which is a little bit spicy and sour.

Siput Sawah


Sotong Bakar RM10 is not up to our expectation, it is quite chewy and the sauce provided just doesn't match with it.
Sotong Bakar

Overall it just normal and nothing special, be prepare to bitten by whole lot of mosquito.

It late and it time to go back hotel sleep, driving our way back to Harbour Inn Hotel.
I made booking through without any deposit and it cost RM76 per night including tax.
The room is average size with a double bed, small TV and make up table. The room has very strong musty smell and the wall got stain, stain on the mattress as well. The pillow is way too soft and the bed got sound when move. The toilet is quite big but floor is dirty and slippery, water heater is working but water pressure is quite low. I would not recommend this place to anyone and we definitely will not come back here again.
Harbour Inn Hotel

Harbour Inn Hotel

That the end of our first tiring day in Melaka, proceed to Day 2 for more food.

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